Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Tails - Sparky needs a special home

It's been a long time since we joined Tuesday Tails, the blog hop designed to help homeless pets find homes.  We have been thinking about featuring this dog's story for a while.  It is a story that is heartbreaking, and one that happens all too often.

Sparky was brought to New England from down south by a rescue group.  He was adopted by an older woman, who loved Sparky very much.  She knitted him his own sweaters, and he was her devoted companion, residents of their town would see them taking drives every day.  Unfortunately, last April Sparky's mom passed away in her sleep, and Sparky's life changed dramatically.  His mom's family didn't want Sparky, and they dumped him in an animal shelter.

Sparky was very scared and stressed while he was at the shelter, he lost his mom and his home.  Like many dogs, the shelter environment was not good for Sparky.  It took a long time, but eventually, Sparky was adopted.  But sadly, Sparky was returned soon after.  You see, Sparky is a dog with issues.  He becomes very attached to his person, and becomes very protective of him or her.  While he was living alone with an elderly woman, it wasn't an issue, as his mom was his whole world.  But when he became protective and snapped at people to protect his new owner, he was returned.  He was adopted twice more, with the same results.  He needs a single, older owner, who lives alone and wants a loyal companion.  There just aren't many of those available for a little dog alone in the world.

Now Sparky is at a new shelter, and his future is very uncertain.  He doesn't understand why he keeps getting returned and each time it happens he becomes depressed.  He is not a bad dog, he is a dog that needs someone to work with his issues and who understand his complicated background.  Sparky's mom was elderly, and I know she expected her family to take in her little dog when she passed, but it didn't happen.  This is why it's so important to include your dogs or other pets in your will, you need to make sure they have a place to go and someone to love them when you can't.
You can check out Sparky's Facebook page by clicking here:
Sparky Hines



  1. oh, that is heartbreaking! I hope a forver home is found fo Sparky soon.

  2. we sure hope he finds a home - sadly many people just don't want to spend the time to work on the issues adopted dogs can have

  3. Are feets are crossed for you Sparky
    Lily & Edward

  4. What a heartbreaking story.

    I've also talked to older people who are fit and healthy but are reluctant to adopt a dog because they don't want to leave the dog to outlive them and have Sparky's story happen to them.

    I hope Sparky finds a nice introverted person to bring him home soon.

  5. Hopefully, this shelter is prepared to work with him on finding the right placement.

  6. We are so Sorry fur Sparky... we Pray the finds a home... SOON...

  7. Poor Sparky. These stories are so sad paws are crossed tight that he finds the right home soon.

  8. Sweet Sparky. Shared and hope the right people come for him soon.