Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Gift Exchange

We participated in the Blogville Holiday Gift exchange again this year.  Since we were all missing little Tate, and the collies' gift arrived from our friends the fivesibes and their family, we decided last night would be a good night to open it.

Is this for us?

Everyone got a new toy

And yummy cookies to share...

Abby didn't care much for the sharing part...
Thank you for the gifts, the collies just LOVE when a package arrives for them!  And for those who may not know, the Fivesibes lost one of their sweet boys this holiday season.  Their beloved Gibson passed on, and I'm sure they would appreciate your stopping by their blog. And thank you to Oreo and his mom for hosting the event.  Also, we were partnered with Dorysbackyard for the Christmas Gift exchange, and their parents made a cute video of them enjoying their presents.  So stop by and say hello to them as well!


  1. Well it looks like all of you were enjoying those gifts a lot, we love cookies also...we didn't know about Gibson, we will go stop by their page.
    stella rose

  2. Happy Happy New Year! Thanks so much for visiting us! You all look so adorable with your prezzies!! Our cat, Cody does a cat gift exchange, maybe I will get Dakota involved in this one next year! DakotasDen

  3. Great gifts. We're impressed that no one hoarded all the cookies or the stuffies.

  4. What sweeties! So glad they liked their gifts! They were sent with lots of Husky love (and maybe a bit of fur, too!) to our beautiful Collie friends! Thank you so much for your kind words about Gibson. <3