Sunday, January 29, 2017

Busy puppies are good puppies!

We have two active and busy 8 month old puppies, so when we read that was looking for a review of the Busy Buddy Jack dog toy we jumped at the chance!  When the box arrived from, Maizie asked if she could play with it first, and when that cute little face is looking at you, there is no way to say no!

Why is this toy fun for dogs?

Key Benefits

  • Durable nylon and rubber construction
  • Includes 4 Busy Buddy natural rawhide treat ring refills
  • Additional rawhide treat ring refills available separately
  • Great toy for dogs with separation anxiety
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

So it's easy to clean, very sturdy and dogs seem to really love this toy.  The toy twists apart, and rawhide rings can be added to encourage chewing.  While we don't give our collies rawhide, they still had fun with the Busy Buddy Jack, and they don't seem to miss the rawhide rings.

The girls have become very attached to this toy.  Sophie even tries to sneak outside with it!  So if you have a dog that enjoys chewing, and loves to play with toys, you should head over to and take a look at the Busy Buddy Jack toy!  Maizie and Sophie give it four paws up!

We were sent this toy for our honest opinion, we were not reimbursed for this review!

We Honestly love these, cross our collie hearts!

Every month we get to do a review for the awesome folks at and this month we were sent a package of Joyful Jerky Filets by the Honest Kitchen.  We were so excited to try these, as we love The Honest Kitchen!

Why do we love The Honest Kitchen?  Because they make food and treats for dogs that are made with human grade ingredients!  Their slogan, found right on their website, says it all - "People food made especially for pets!"  The Honest Kitchen believes in making food and treats that contain only healthy, human grade whole foods, to make a positive difference in our pets' health and wellbeing. 

We were sent the chicken version, but before we open the package, let's take a look at the ingredients!


  1. Chicken, Salt, Celery Juice Powder
  2. That's it, that's all you'll find in these limited ingredients dog treats!  That is something we love to see!

Sophie is ready to try these treats! But first, let's check out the key benefits:

Key Benefits

  • Made with all-natural, cage-free, antibiotic-free chicken
  • Contains no glycerin filler, or any ingredients from China
  • Deliciously chewy treats your dog will love, can be easily broken into smaller pieces
  • Made with 100% human-grade ingredients for your peace of mind
  • Thinly sliced, then air dried to savory perfection
Sounds perfect, and with cage-free, antibiotic-free chicken, and no ingredients from China, these are treats that you can feel safe giving to your best friend!

Sophie is trying very hard to be a good puppy, and I have to tell you that I am very proud of her. Since she is just 8 months old, I took the opportunity to practice the "leave it" command during our photo shoot.  And I give her a lot of credit, because these treats smell REALLY good.  When we opened the package, these treats smelled just as good as any jerky treats I've ever eaten.  So it was understandably hard for her to wait, but she did it!

"Leave it....leave it"

"Please Mom, can I eat it now?!?"

"Go ahead Sophie!"

She loved these jerky treats, and so did all the other collies!  I really can't praise these treats enough.  Thank you for sending us the Honest Kitchen Joyful Jerky Filets, we will be ordering more to use during training, as bait at dog shows, and just as treats for our collies.  Everyone should give these a try, your dogs will thank you!

We were sent these treats in exchange for our honest review.  We were not paid for our review, and all opinions expressed were our own!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Gift Exchange

I've spent the last week sick, so I haven't been online, which is why this post is a little late.  The collies have been pestering me to get busy, because they wanted to thank their new friends Dante and Ziva for their Christmas gifts!

We participated in the Christmas Gift Exchange, hosted by Oreo, and we received gifts from Dante and Ziva, and their parents.  We didn't know these bloggers until the gift exchange, so it was a great way to meet new friends!  If you haven't discovered their blog yet, you should definitely head over there right away, just click here.

The collies all gathered around, except for Ryder, he decided he wanted to supervise this time.

They are such good sports, always willing to pose for pictures before they enjoy their treats.

And just look at those treats!  The collies loved all the great, yummy treats and the Christmas card was adorable!  

Thank you so much Dzdogs, we really loved all the gifts, and we hope you have a Happy New Year!  We hung your pictures on our fridge, and I can't wait to make dog cookies with our new cookie cutter and pot holder!  (what a cute pot holder!)  We are so glad we got to know you guys, and look forward to reading more of your posts in 2017!