Monday, April 21, 2014

Exciting news!

It was a beautiful Spring weekend, and we had perfect weather for an outdoor collie specialty show on Saturday.  This show is one of our favorites, as it is held on a horse farm!  The view in every direction was just stunning.  The weather was perfect, with the temperature about 66 degrees, it was a lovely day. 

But want to know the best part of the day?  Our youngest collie, Scarlett, won Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners, which finished her championship!  I'm so proud of Scarlett and my daughter! Scarlett isn't the first champion in our family, my sister has bred many others over the years.  And my daughter and I have two champions that we raised, Abby and Holly. But Scarlett is the first champion that my daughter and I bred, so she is extra special to us.

And I'm also proud of my daughter for another reason, she is the 4th generation in our family to raise, and show, collies. It's so wonderful to see her carry on this tradition!


Kori was entered in the show too, and she won Reserve Winner's Bitch.  It was very exciting to have both our girls win Winner's Bitch and Reserve Winner's Bitch!

Kori in the front, Scarlett in the back.

Kori and Scarlett


When we took the collies for a short walk, we noticed that in one of the pastures a young horse was watching us. 

We walked over to the edge of his pasture, and he immediately trotted over to say hello and get a look at the collies.

He was so curious about them, and Kori was equally curious about him.  They both leaned down to get a good sniff!

He must have liked her, because when my daughter took Kori for a walk, the horse followed along, on his side of the fence!  It was very cute, and he was such a sweet, gentle giant!  After my daughter and Kori walked out of sight, he came running back over to me, and then started running around his paddock.  He really seemed to be enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. (and maybe showing off a little too)

It was such an exciting day, and I am so proud of my daughter and our collies!

Monday, April 14, 2014

We're back!

We had to take a little blogging break, we were on vacation.  We were at the Collie Club of America National specialty show last week.  What a wonderful way to spend the week!  We caught up with friends, competed at the show, and spent the week surrounded by 900+ collies! 

The Girls!

Holly, Abby and Scarlett

Holly competed in the veterans class, and she was so excited to be back in the ring!


Abby competed in the Best of Variety group, with all the other finished champions.  She looked so beautiful, and it was so great to see her back in the show ring after taking a 3 year break. (to raise her family)

They were offering a free CGC test for all the collies at the National, so both Abby and Holly gave it a try.  And they both passed, so they now have the CGC title after their names!

Scarlett was shown in the smooth bred by exhibitor class, and she looked so great with my daughter.  The judge thought so too, she gave Scarlett 1st place in the Bred By class!  This was quite an honor, and we are so proud of both Scarlett and my daughter!  We recevied a lot of compliments on Scarlett both before her class and after.



The National ended on Saturday, and yesterday we spent the day relaxing.  Last night we took the dogs for a walk on the beach, and the colors in the sky were gorgeous!  It was the perfect ending to my vacation!

Kori, pretty girl!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Good day Sunshine!

We thought Spring had arrived, and then woke up Monday morning to a snowstorm.  It was very pretty, and we ended up with a couple of inches.  By the afternoon the sun broke through, and within a few hours all the snow was gone.  Yesterday the sun was shining, the temperature reached the low 50's, and so we took advantage and went for a walk on the beach. 

The water was so calm, and the sky was so blue, that we all had a lovely walk.  I heard we are going to see more sunshine and Spring temperatures this weekend too!

Holly, the happy collie!

Look at that smile!  Somecollie was very happy!