Thursday, February 28, 2013


Where to start?
I've been sick, and haven't been able to get on the computer to update, sorry about that.  I will be catching up on everyone's blogs over the next few days.
And no sooner did I start to feel better then Holly collie became ill.  We took her to the vet, and they sent us to the veterinary hospital for x-rays.  Fortunately, it isn't bloat or an obstruction, but they didn't give us a definitive dx either.  They think it is either gastroenteritis or pancreatitis.  So she is on a bland diet, and we will be watching her closely.  She seems a little better today, and her appetite is returning, so I am hoping that’s a good sign.

Holly is our happy, bouncy girl.  She lives for dog shows, and just shines when she is in the ring.  She has competed at Westminster twice with my daughter. 
At Westminster
She had to have an emergency spay two years ago, and then my daughter aged out of junior handling two years ago, so Holly has been unable to compete in the classes at dog shows since that time.  I know she misses it, and I know she has been sad when my daughter goes to dog shows without her.  She watches my daughter pack up the grooming bag, and gather together her show clothes and bait, and she knows that means my daughter is going to a dog show.  But because only intact dogs can compete at dog shows, Holly was forced to retire from shows just before her 5th birthday.

 But Holly turned 7 years old on Christmas Day.  And many of the collie specialty shows allow 7 year old collies to compete in the veteran’s classes.  And they can be spayed or neutered in the veteran’s class!  So this weekend we have entered Holly at a two day show, it was supposed to be her return to the show ring.  And now with her sick, we aren’t sure she is going to be able to go.  We are hoping she will feel back to her old self by Saturday, because it will break her heart if she has to be left home again.  It reminds me of this story:



by Cindy L. Williams

He was a real nice show dog, but his glory days are through,

And he gazes out the kennel gate, with nothing much to do.

They're loading up the van now, 'cause they're going to a show,

But his showing days are over, and he doesn't get to go.

He watches, tail a waggin', his eyes as bright as they can get,

As his crate goes in he wonders why they haven't bathed him yet.

Then your eyes meet through the kennel fence, and you have to look away,

How are you going to tell him that he's staying home today?

Retirement, they call it, now he's in his 'golden years.'

He doesn't look as old, though, when your eyes are full of tears.

And you think of all the rosettes, and the Best in Show he won,

The more he showed, the better he got, and then he had a son...

And so now for the first time, you are leaving him behind,

And trying to convince yourself he doesn't really mind.

He sees the younger dog get in, and he's looking pretty low,

But there isn't time to cheer him up, you really have to go.

'Be a good boy, old dog, this time you have to stay!'

He doesn't bark or climb the fence, he simply looks away

Just like a nice old show dog, whose glory days are through,

He gazes out the kennel gate, with nothing much to do.

Yes, he used to be a show dog, but the glory doesn't last
And he's gazing out the kennel gate, remembering the past.

I don’t want any of my dogs feeling sad, or replaced.  If they are able to show, and want to go, I want to make sure they are given the chance.  So please keep Holly in your thoughts and prayers…


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

From Baby Thor and Baby Scarlett
And look at what Maggie's mom posted!  (from the Valentine's Ball)

A Winter's hike...

We took a couple of the collies to the local lighthouse for a winter hike.  The weather was cold and damp, but we still had a nice time!  The lighthouse is at a state park, so dogs are only allowed from January - May.  We are planning on going back on a nice, sunny day.

Scarlett, Ryder and Holly with my daughter.

The girls were fascinated by the seagulls!

No collie is an island!
The keeper of the lighthouse

Ryder is such a good boy!

Scarlett wanted a turn posing in front of the lighthouse!

Such a peacful place!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More snow is coming!

We ended up with a record breaking 34 inches of snow.  And our street was finally plowed yesterday evening, just in time for us to shovel out our driveways and get into work today! 

While I am happy to get out, the collies were enjoying all the extra time I was able to spend with them. 

What do you mean, "you have to go back to work?"  Stay home and play with us!

Scarlett was attending her first dog show this weekend with my daughter.  Since it was fours shows, all held at the hotel, they stayed there during the storm.  What a weekend!  And now they are predicting we may get hit with another huge snow storm this coming weekend - I really hope they are wrong!

I don't really see where we can put any more snow!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo found us!

We live in CT, and the area where we live was one of the areas that were hardest hit by the blizzard Nemo.  The snow, which comes up to my waist, was so deep I couldn't get the back door open.  I ended up taking the glass out of my screen door, so I could shovel through the door, and I was finally able to get enough snow away to get the door open.

With four collies who had to go outside, I shoveled a pathway and a small area for them to go to the bathroom.  But so far, only Abby has figured out that it is her only option as far as "outdoor plumbing."  The others stand there and cry, I think they expect me to shovel the entire backyard for them!

Our mayor has declared a state of emergency for our town, and has asked the National Guard to come help clear the roads.  There is a ban until midnight tonight on driving, not that I could drive, my road hasn't been plowed even once yet!  As  you can see above, the road which should be in front of my car, is completely hidden!

Holly is wondering where all this snow came from?

The snow is higher than the collies!

Kori doesn't like this one bit!
Holly - "Ummm Mom, we need more room!"

"You have to be kidding!"

What's a collie to do?

Is there something on my nose?

"How long before it melts?"

Snowy Ryder

Abby to Ryder - "Would you give a lady some room?!?"

Some may have noticed that Scarlett is missing.  She is at a hotel with my daughter.  This weekend there are four collie specialty shows being held.  So they are hanging out at the hotel, with friends.  This is Scarlett's first dog show weekend, and I'm stuck at home! 

Edit to add:

Ryder finally got so tired of it, he braved the deep snow. He made his own trail, with sister Kori following behind him. Then Abby and Holly joined them. They found a snow fort, under the tree/bush! They are finally having fun !
"Come on Kori, this way!"

"Ok Ryder, I'm coming!"

"You are taking too long!"

"I'll show you!"


"Let's play Follow The Leader"

"Quick pose - Mom's taking pictures!"

Snow fort!

"I'm not sure about this..."

"There is a lot of snow above me and my paws are getting cold!"

"No one can see me in here!"

"Only collies allowed!"