Thursday, January 14, 2016

A collie history - part 2

If we look back at the most influential collies in developing the American collie, there is one collie who made an outstanding contribution to the breed - Ch Parbold Piccolo.

Ch Parbold Piccolo

Piccolo was imported in 1904 by J.L. Behling, to add to his kennel, Bon Ami Collies.  Sadly, Piccolo was never used as a stud dog in our country, as he ran away and was lost shortly after arriving.  But he did sire two sons while he was living in England, Ch Anfield Model and Parbold Pierrot, and both of these collies would greatly contribute to developing the American collie.

Ch Anfield Model

Ch Squire of Tytton (Ch Balgregie Baronet x Helle of Boston) was out of a Piccolo daughter.  He was imported to our country by Greystone Collies.  Tytton was a big winner, and was known for his exceptional temperament.  And he went on to influence the American collie through his sons, Grimsby Squire and Seedley Squire.

Ch Ormskirk Foxall was descended from Parbold Pierrot, a Ch Parbold Piccolo son.  The Foxall line of collies were known to be aggressive, but they were also known for producing collies of greater size and refined heads.  Two of his famous descendants were Ch Seedley Stirling and Ch Magnet.

Ch Southport Sample (Grimsby Squire x Hilda of Moreton) was a grandson of Ch Squire of Tytton, and Tytton was out of a Ch Parbold Piccolo daughter.  He was brought to this country by W.E. Mason, of Southport Collies.  Mr Mason had both an American kennel and a kennel in England.  Sample was known for "excelling in overall type and for having a profuse coat."  He was also known for his wonderful temperament, at a time when so many show collies had questionable temperaments.  He produced a son, Ch Southport Sceptre and a grandaughter Laund Lily who also contributed greatly to the development of the American collie.  Laund Lily was the dam of Laund Limit.

Ch Southport Sample

Ch Parbold Picador (Master Willie x Moss Hill Vera) was a linebred collie, from Model.  Master Willie was sired by Model, and Ch Anfield Model was a Ch Parbold Piccolo son.  Ch Parbold Picador was imported by Tazewell Collies.  Picador was a known for producing quality stock, and he produced Ch Laund Limit. (Ch Parbold Picador x Laund Lily)  Picador also produced a daughter, Southport Seal, who was the dam of Ch Magnet.

Ch Parbold Picador

Also in the early 1900's another important collie was imported, Ch Seedley Stirling.  (Parkside Pro Patria x Ch Seedley Sylvia)  Stirling was imported by Knocklayde Collies.  Stirling was considered a prime example of correct Collie type.  He was known for his "wonderful head, eye and expression."  He left no surviving Sire line, but his bitch line flourished and through them many of us can trace our collies back to Stirling.

Ch Seedley Stirling

***Most of the information and dates listed here were obtained through searches online, which can be a great resource.  When gathering this information, it appears that most of the sites used Gayle Kaye's book, "A collie In America" as one of their main sources, without crediting her for all her hard work.  Ms. Kaye is an invaluable source of information on the history of the collie and her book is priceless to collie lovers


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