Sunday, September 1, 2013

This past week...

What a week we had!
My daughter was attacked by a dog, and is still recovering.  She is still in bandages, and will get her stitches out next week.

The decision was made to amputate Holly's toe, and she had surgery on Friday.  She hasn't left my side since we brought her home Friday evening.  But she seems so much happier, even though she must be in pain from the surgery.  Wearing the cone for so long was depressing for her, and since she is leaving the bandage alone, she hasn't had to wear the cone all weekend.  I think that alone is making her feel more like her normal, happy self.

Friday was Ryder and Kori's 2nd birthday.  So we have been celebrating all weekend.  Friday they got cake, today all the collies had Frosty Paws.  (And their little sister, Scarlett has been stealing their birthday toys!). They also received an email from their brother Luke!  It was so nice to hear that he is doing well!

Dear Ryder and Kori,

I have been thinking about you on our 2nd birthday. At least no storm this year.  I have been having a great year. My boys play with me every day and they take me for walks at least two times per day. I have many toys and we go on hikes a lot. The best part of my summer was going to New Hampshire for a hiking and camping trip with my family. We did a hard hike but I am tough. None of us expected it to be so hard but it was fun and I looked out from the top of the mountain and I stood in a big mountain stream from a waterfall. My family got a bit scared when I got close to the edge but I was ok.

From the looks of it I think your little brother might be the biggest in the family now. I am in great health and I weigh about 72 now.  Well I just got back from a mile walk so I better take a rest. Have you been doing lots of shows?

Eager to hear from you again.

Your little brother,

And today the Blogville Calendar contest ended and Ryder came in first place.  This was because of all the support he received from all of our collie friends and our blogging friends.  One of our collie friends even posted daily reminders!  So thank you everyone!  Now - please order calendars, to support Benny!

Sunday Sadness

I just read a post that has broken my heart.  Our friend over at Two collies and a mutt, just posted about losing her beloved collie Lassie.  It was unexpected and sudden, and she is devastated.  So please head over and leave her some kind words, I'm sure she would appreciate it.