Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Proud dog mom...

Our friends over at Fidoseofreality did a blog post about pet parents.  They asked if other bloggers consider themselves dog moms and what we would do if people questioned our use of the term "dog mom" or "dog dad?"

Holly, having fun at the Doggie Fun Zone, because dogs like to play too!

To answer the first part of her question, yes, I do call myself a dog mom.  My daughter does too, and always buys me cards from her and from the dogs.  So while I have a human daughter,  I also have kids of the four-legged variety.  We compete with our collies at dog shows, and have traveled 16 - 20 hours by car with our collies to reach some of these shows.  I know many moms of human children who travel these distances, to take their human kids to different competitions they have entered.

Holly at a dog show.

I take my collies to their doctor when they are sick, I buy them toys at Christmas and on their birthdays.  (Which we wrap in pretty paper)  I talk to them, sing to them, hug them and have pictures of my collies hug up at home and at my desk at work.  (Right next to pictures of my human daughter.).  I feel pride when my collies win at dog shows, and I worry when they are sick.  So yes, I am definitely a dog mom.  And I'm proud to say my daughter feels the same way about our dogs.

Holly, riding on the train with us.

The second part of her question, well that's a little harder to answer.  As I am one of the few dog parents where I work, I tend to not refer to myself as a dog mom there.  I know it is a term that would cause eye rolls, and possible negative comments, so I avoid the subject at my place of employment.  But I avoid it because it's where I work, I don't care what strangers think, and I would use the term without hesitation elsewhere.  Because to me, the definition of a parent is one who provides care and love, who guides and educates, throughout another being's lifetime.  And isn't that what we do for our dogs?  So who else is a Dog mom or Dog dad?

My daughter, sharing a quiet moment with Holly.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Naming of a best friend!

The relationship between dogs and their humans has greatly changed over the last century.  Dogs are now, more than ever before, considered a part of the family.  People cater to their dogs, spending thousands of dollars on products that are designed to make dogs happy and healthy.  With gourmet dog treats, orthopedic dog beds, and toy boxes full of toy dog toys, our dogs have it made.  When working long hours at the office, some people will even drop off their dogs at a doggie daycare center, so their dogs can spend the day happily playing with their friends.

(Kori does not regularly attend doggie daycare, my daughter works at one, and brings Kori to work with her.  Which Kori loves, as you can see by the videos.) 

And with their elevated status, dogs are now given very different monikers.  While we are sure you can still find the occasional Spot, Fluffy, Rover, Buffy, Fido or Champ, people are giving their pets more personal and unique names.  This is a list of the top dog names, is your dog's name on the list?

 1) Max and Bella
2) Charlie and Daisy
3) Jack and Molly
4) Buddy and Lucy
5) Jake and Sadie
6) Tucker and Maggie
7) Duke and Bailey
8) Toby and Chloe
9) Bear and Sophie
10) Oscar and Lola
11) Dexter and Luna
12) Thor and Layla
13) Gunner and Piper
14) Bently and Nala
15) Jax and Stella

So we are curious, what is the most unusual dog name you have heard?  What was the cutest?  What is the most extravagant item you have purchased for your dog? (or your cat?)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Immortalized in paint!

We had to share this!  An artist, Barbara Guitas, spotted one of our pictures of Kori on Facebook, and asked if she could paint it.  I said yes, of course, as I was very flattered.

We are so thrilled with this lovely picture!  She captured our Kori girl's sweet expression!  I can't wait to see this painting, and hang it on our wall!