Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Fall hike with the collies...

Sunday was another beautiful Fall day here in New England. So my daughter and I grabbed the collies and we headed to the small state park in our town. As usual, we had the entire park to ourselves, so it was peaceful and we were able to enjoy our hike undisturbed!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall in New England...

Wow, it's been a tough month or so. Kia was attacked by the dog, the merger happened at work and I now have new bosses, my niece was killed, Holly had to have her toe amputated...I'm almost afraid to consider what might happen next!

But life goes on, and it's beautiful here in New England. We have been so busy! We attended a Meet The Breeds event. 

My daughter and Holly

Ryder having fun in the parade of breeds


Another club member brought her two rough collies too. Everyone loved the collies, but Ryder was definitely the star. Adults and children commented on how beautiful he was, and one little boy told his mother to "look at the fancy collie!"

Our club held a herding day, and many different herding breeds attended.



This boy was just too cute!
Kori - she did an excellant job on her herding test, just like her mom, Abby!

Friday, we took a few of the collies for a ride, to take some Fall pictures....


Ryder - I love the way the light in this picture seems to be shining down on him!

Abby, Holly and Ryder


We received many compliments on the collies, everyone loved how well-behaved they were. One of the owners of the farm markets said they were better behaved than most children, and could come back anytime! We are hoping for some nice weather this weekend, so we can take the collies on a hike. Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous posts, things are finally getting back to normal!