Monday, November 3, 2014

This will have you licking your chops!

We were lucky enough to be asked to do another review by our friends at!  And dog oh dog were we excited about these treats!  Our mom made us wait until Halloween, because she said this way we could have treats too! (We always feel a little sad that all those little humans dressed in funny, and sometimes scary, costumes get all the treats.  So this year, we were able to join in the Halloween fun!)

 photo P1014373_zpscfd2cd32.jpg

We were sent a bag of Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin Treats.  We loved the cute design of these treats, as each cookie was shaped like a little teddy bear.  And our Mom said these treats smelled good enough for humans to eat, but Mom must have been dogging us, as she knew we were definitely unwilling to share! 

 photo P1014325_zps77f49815.jpg
Abby was so busy enjoying these treats, she only had time to give us this quick quote:
"Oh my dogness!  These treats sure taste delicious!"

 photo P1014326_zps37044a46.jpg

And our Mom said something about "the best part of these treats is that they are made in the USA, and are 100% organic!"  Personally, we think the yummy taste is the best part, we just wish they were a little larger!  Mom said she liked the small size, because she didn't have to worry about giving us too many treats, since the main ingredients did contain cane syrup and juice.  She said while too many of these little bears might add to our waistlines, the small size made them an excellent treat.  So Mom said she would be ordering us some more of these cookies so we could enjoy pumpkin dog treats, while our human family enjoys their pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day - which was music to our furry ears!  So because of the cute bear shapes, the quality organic ingredients and the "lick your chops" yumminess, we give these treats our highest rating of 4 paws!

  • Suitable for all life stages
  • 100% USDA Organic, USA originated ingredients
  • Oven baked
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No by-products, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Certified kosher
  • Made in the USA!

You can order your own bag of Grandma Lucy's from, just by clicking right here:
Grandma Lucy's Pumpkin Treats  But you better hurry, treats this good are sure to go quickly!

***if you enjoyed our review, be sure to come back tomorrow, as Pumpkin kitty has a review of her own to post tomorrow!