Friday, October 24, 2014

Grass Island

Last weekend we decided to take a hike on Grass Island.  So we grabbed a couple collies, because everyone knows hikes are more fun with canine companionship, and we headed off to explore a new area.

While we have never visited it before, Grass Island is located about 20 minutes away, in another shoreline town, here in New England.  It actually isn’t an island, despite the name, as it is attached to the shore by a narrow, stretch of land.  This narrow band was maybe five or six hundred feet across, so during severe storms I bet Grass Island is cut off from the rest of the town, and actually does become an “island.”  The Island was once privately owned, and the only building on the island is an iconic fishing shack.  The original house burned down in the 1930’s, and was rebuilt.  Back in the 1960’s the owners of the house and property donated it to the town.  Though only a shell remains, its simple lines and beautiful setting, make the shack on Grass Island one of the most photographed and painted landscapes in our area.

Ryder, posing pretty for the camera!

We were able to get close to the island last Spring, but could only photograph the house from across the water.  This time we figured out how to get out onto the island, and spent a peaceful afternoon wandering around and exploring the beaches of Grass Island.
 photo P1014305_zps434b47b6.jpg
Quiet, empty beach...
 photo P1014233_zps48719bb0.jpg
Abby found some driftwood!
 photo P1014308_zpscf4090bd.jpg
There was a lot of driftwood, all over the island...
 photo P1014319_zpsfcc51502.jpg
Pretty shoreline...
 photo P1014301_zps7ada7727.jpg
"I know the way!"
 photo P1014299_zps0c03fb91.jpg
"I found it!"
 photo P1014298_zpsd2c0b0d6.jpg

 photo P1014294_zpsbd0d73f5.jpg
Holly wants us to hurry up!
 photo P1014284_zps6b8f58fb.jpg
Curious collies!
 photo P1014280_zps2a90e3a6.jpg
 photo P1014278_zps7247c579.jpg
The Watchers
 photo P1014274_zps082a7a98.jpg

 photo P1014267_zpsc28cffb9.jpg
Ryder enjoys the view!
 photo P1014257_zpse6228052.jpg

 photo P1014265_zpsdb613472.jpg
Pretty as a picture!
 photo P1014248_zps172d2643.jpg
Family portrait time...
 photo P1014254_zpsaafa7748.jpg
Holly makes friends with a local beach dog...
 photo P1014243_zps06e6b967.jpg

 photo P1014244_zpse41a7fe4.jpg

It was a lovely afternoon, and we will definitely be visiting again!


  1. that looks like a great place for an adventure

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous area! You got some very beautiful photos of your sweet collies. Looks like it was a really fun time!