Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We sure are lucky dogs!

It's that time again - the collies get to express their opinions in another review!  This is thanks to our friends at, where you can buy all sorts of yummy treats for your dogs and cats!

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Last weekend we had two friends staying with us.  Miley and Jody were visiting, while their parents were out of town.  These two collie girls are good friends of ours, and they even traveled with us to the Collie National when it was held in Wisconsin, back in 2013.  So we always have a good time when they come to visit! 

Since they were visiting, we decided to be nice collie hosts, and let them do the review with us!

 photo f3819997-7392-414c-9b6f-1aec4d565108_zps8b60ee5a.jpg
Miley posing pretty with the treats!
This month we were asked to review Natural Balance Delectable Delights Duck Formula Tender Cuts Dog Treats.  Mom of course HAD to read the ingredients list, she loves to see what is in our treats/food.  The first thing she noticed was this:

Key Benefits
  • Made with high-quality duck
  • No corn, wheat, artificial flavors or colors
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Great for puppies and adult dogs
  • Made in the USA
Yes, "made in the USA!"  Mom will not let us eat any treats made in China, because so many dogs were getting sick from them.  So she is always happy when she sees that the treats are made in the USA.  She also mentioned that she liked that there was no corn, no wheat and no artificial flavors and colors.  She also likes that Duck is the main ingredient, followed by brown rice. 

Of course, we aren't concerned with all of that!  So on to the important stuff!  BOL

Smell - we thought the smokey smell to these treats was pawsome!  It had us all lining up to try some!
Taste - We were not disappointed, we LOVED these treats, and wished Mom would have let us eat them all!  They were that good!  They were nice and chewy, and Mom said they would be perfect in the show ring, as they would be certain to keep our attention when the judge was evaluating us!

We give these treats four paws, and we just bet your dogs will agree! 

 photo P1014436_zps7195afa9.jpg
Pumpkin kitty thought these treats smelled really yummy too!


  1. That's so nice of you to share with your friends. Honey loves to have friends over but I'm not sure she'd be so generous with her treats.