Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Return of the Queen

Pumpkin Kitty here, and time for another fabulous post by me, the fabulous feline. 
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While the collies will tell you that I am just one of the pack, and that I believe myself to be a collie too...they couldn't be more wrong!  Just because I enjoy a fun game of "chase the collie around the house," doesn't mean I am confused about my species!  Anyway, the awesome folks over at sent me some treats to review...because they know it isn't ALL about the collies around here!

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They sent me Zuke's Natural Purrz cat treats, the Tasty Tuna Recipe.  And while I am finicky, I have to admit that these treats were delish! 

 photo IMG_2917_zpsd80a522f.jpg
This time the servants humans kept a close watch on the treats, they didn't want me to indulge my inner lioness and devour the entire bag in one feast!

 photo IMG_5661_zpsd397a13f.jpeg
As you can see, I did give it a valiant attempt!  But they are being stingy, and only doling out a few treats per day.  But these treats are worth the wait, and so I will sleep right here, and wait until it's time for more!

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So if you want to embrace your inner tiger, you should get your slaves humans to buy you some of these treats too!  Just have them click on this link:
Natural Purrz at


  1. Mean ole cat Dietzy loves Chewy's cat treats.
    stella rose

  2. what is with servants being so stingy with the treat - especially one we really really like!

  3. We always thought you were a Collie
    Lily & Edward