Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Not so Wordless Wednesday - dog show edition

This past weekend we attended a collie specialty show.  I know I promised to do a post where I describe a day at a dog show, and I will be doing that soon.  I just want to wait to do the post until we are going to an all breed dog show or until we are entered at an outdoor collie specialty show, so that we can get some really interesting pictures.  So many of the indoor collie specialty shows are held at hotels, and the lighting makes it difficult to get good pictures.

This weekend, the show was held in Maine, at a nice hotel.  This show is actually one of our favorite shows, as the location is awesome - you have to love a hotel with feather beds and warm chocolate chip cookies!  But what makes the show special is that the Collie Club of Maine has some of the nicest club members you will ever meet.  They really make an effort to make their show a wonderful experience for the exhibitors.  They have a huge raffle, where everyone walks away with a prize.  (We won a new dog bed, which Abby has claimed as her property.)  And then they do a free champagne toast with hors d’oeuvres.  And this show always falls on my birthday weekend, so I was able to spend my birthday surrounded by collies and the people who love them.

Scarlett waiting for her ring time.

Friday, after Ryder and Kori had their baths and nails done, we loaded up the van.  I always have to laugh, because 99% of the stuff we pack is for the dogs, but that is typical of all dog show people.  We have crates, so the dogs have a safe place to rest while waiting for their time in the show ring.  We pack bedding, so they are comfy while in their crates.  We have water buckets, and gallons of water.  We have their dog food, and their food bowls.  We pack up treats for use in the show ring, which is called “bait.”  We pack the grooming table, and the grooming bag/tack box.  We even pack their favorite toys, so they can play in the hotel room at night. 

Ryder gives this hotel 4 sleepy paws up!

The drive took us about six and a half hours, but we finally arrived at the hotel.  We unloaded all the dog stuff, and set up our grooming area.  Then we walked the dogs, unloaded our stuff, and headed up to our room.  The collies were so happy to play and then stretch out on the beds.  They really enjoyed staying in a hotel!  At one point I was walking Ryder though the lobby, and a couple of men, who were staying at the hotel with their kids, asked if they could take a picture with Ryder!  And if there is one thing my collie boy enjoys, it’s being admired and photographed!

It was Ryder’s first experience at a dog show, and since he doesn’t have a whole lot of coat right now, we didn’t expect that he would win.  We just wanted to introduce him to the show ring, and the sights and sounds of a dog show.  He loved every minute of it, and we received many compliments on our boy.  People were constantly telling us what a great temperament Ryder has, and one woman asked if we were going to breed him.  She is looking for a collie with his personality to be her next therapy dog.  And when Ryder went in the ring, he had fun.  He learned that dog shows are a great place, where a collie can get lots of attention, many treats, and everyone wants to pet him.  Every time Ryder stepped in the ring, his tail would start wagging, and it didn’t stop until he left the ring.  He made both the judges and the people watching the show smile.  So we consider the weekend to be a huge success.

Ryder, doing his Lassie impression for the show photographer.

Scarlett did great too, she is very showy and loves to compete at shows.  And she was so funny back at the room, as she and Kori would jump from bed to bed, like small children.   

Kori, sleeping after a busy day.

Abby and Scarlett stayed with my family while we were at the show.  And my two older girls showed just how bonded they actually are, they never left each other’s side at night.  They slept together on the couch, curled up as close as possible to each other.  They are related to all my sister’s collies, and enjoy playing with them.  But when it’s time for bed and they are separated from me, Abby and Holly prefer to snuggle together, which I find terribly sweet.


  1. we can imagine Ryder loving it and he has such a beautiful face - how could the judges not notice him.

  2. What a cool way to spend your birthday weekend! I wish we had something that cool to do on my birthday weekend. I'm glad the dogs had such a great time!

  3. Sounds like a great time was had buy all at this doggie show. That looks like a very nice place to sleep :) Milo & Jet

  4. Ryder will have ribbons soon with that attitude. He's not only beautiful but that happiness is infectious.

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Our favorite picture is of Ryder sleeping on the bed. The Lassie pose is pawtastic too.

    I am visiting family in Ohio, so I got to experience snow the first time ever. I love it.