Thursday, February 27, 2014

Where is Spring?

We are still waiting for Spring here, but with yet another snowstorm due to arrive Sunday night, we aren't sure when this Winter will end!

Somecollie is very happy with all the snow!

Of course the collies don't mind the snow, they love it!

And Kori, even though she is a smooth coated collie, is taking up Winter sports.  Maybe it's the Olympics that are inspiring her, but she is definitely on her way to earning the Gold in the "Snowball Catching" event!

You go, Girl!

Little sister, Scarlett, has been paying close attention, I wonder if she hopes to give it a try someday?

But she is going to have to practice long and hard, to beat Kori!

Holly loves playing in the snow at the park, but she wants no part of catching balls of frozen water in her mouth.  She thinks some young collies are out of their minds!

How about your dogs?  Do they love winter and snow?


  1. It's still winter here too. Snow and cold. The dogs don't seem to mind, but I think they'll be happy when they can see the grass again.

  2. My dogs hate snow and winter. Fortunately for all of us we live in an area where spring comes in February.

  3. they do love the snow but we are kinda glad we didn't get a lot - oh the bones are called smartbones

  4. We're thinking the same thing!! Collies do tend to have fun in the snow, though. They make the best of it. Love all your pictures!

  5. We are in Michigan and have the same weather. Nope, Dakota doesn't love snow because this year it is TALLER than he is!

  6. Ah yes, we DO love that snow. We are hoping for snow this weekend, but they say it might be SLEET!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. We all love the snow. My sister just wants to play in it forever.

  8. We are getting very tired of this.
    stella rose

  9. I hope that spring finds you soon! Beautiful photos :-)

  10. Bowsers, somepaw is ready to play centerfield.


  11. Looks like your all having great fun playing in the snow and your snow ball catching skills are pawesome :) We haven't seen snow before so we can't say. Milo & Jet

  12. It's somewhere... not sure where though

    Stop on by for a visit