Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Busy week!

Last week my mother fell, when she went out to feed the birds.  She slipped on the ice, and broke both her arms!  Chase, her collie, came to stay with us.  We call him Uncle Chase, and he is a big boy.  This is Chase, isn’t he handsome?


So while my mother was in the rehab facility, Chase went to visit her, since she missed her boy.   While he was there, he noticed a woman in a wheelchair, and he walked over to her, and very gently put his head in her lap!  I was very impressed with how good Chase was during the visit.  And then since Abby is so calm and quiet, she got to go visit her Grandma too.  Abby was so gentle and calm, she immediately climbed up on the bed and curled up next to Grandma. 



Everyone loved both Chase and Abby, and I think either of them would make excellent therapy dogs.  We might go back with Abby, just to let her visit with some of the residents, as it’s not only a rehab facility, it’s also a nursing home.


Yesterday, we took Scarlett to a collie specialty show, and she won Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winners!  Because of how many other smooth collies were entered, the win was for 4 points.  They calculate the points based on how many other dogs of that breed/variety are entered at the show.  A major is a win of 3, 4 or 5 points.  To become a champion, a dog needs a total of 15 points, and two of the wins have to be majors.   Scarlett now needs just one 3 point major to finish her championship!  We are very proud of our little Scarlett O’Collie!


On the way home we stopped by the beach, to take a couple pictures...

Scarlett and my daughter


  1. Oh we are so sorry to hear about your momma falling...we hope she begins to feel better, I know your momma felt so much better when she could see Chase and pet and hold him. We are the best medicine in the world.
    Stella Rose

  2. Two broken arms? I hope all goes well for your mother in rehab. I know her visitors are cheering her up. They sound like natural therapy dogs.

  3. what sweethearts Chase and Abby are! We used to take Dakota to the Nursing Home when my father-in-law was alive and was in the Memory Unit. He was so good there. You SHOULD have Abby and Chase trained in therapy, I have thought about it for Dakota too. Hoping your Mom is on the mend soon!

  4. Chase is beautiful,so is Scarlett,collies make great therapy dogs.She looks so gentle laying on your mom` s bed.Prayers for her healing so she can get back out & feed those birds!phyllis

  5. that would be tough breaking both arms - hopefully she heals well.

  6. Oh my, your poor mother!! I hope she recovers quickly.

    When my mom was in rehab we took the dogs there and she really enjoyed it as well. Of course we only stayed in her room. ;-)

    And congrats on Scarlett's win, I'm sure she'll get the needed points very soon!

  7. Chase is so handsome! That's wonderful that he was able to visit his Mom. :) I hope she recovers quickly!
    Congratulations to Scarlett and your daughter too! I love the beach pictures, so beautiful.