Monday, October 6, 2014

The collies, and Pumpkin Kitty, are asked to do a review!

The collies, and their kitty sister, Pumpkin, were asked to do a review for!

We waited until Abby's Birthday to try these Primal dog treats, since her birthday is always a cause for celebration.  And with a name like Primal, we knew we needed to find an unusual setting to do this review.  So we decided to take the treats with us to a local lighthouse.  The ocean, sky and the solitary lighthouse seemed like the perfect setting to enjoy "Primal" dog treats.

Abby, Scarlett and Holly took the review very seriously!

Can I have one now?

Abby is so ready to try these treats!

Abby thought the treats were packaged in a pretty, appetizing manner.  Being a label reader, I was more concerned with the back of the package.  And when I scanned the ingredient list, I was very pleased!  There is only one ingredient in Primal Foods Liver Munchies - and that ingredient is Turkey Liver!  These treats are gluten free, grain free, and made in the USA.  But what about the taste?  The collies all voted, and after much drool, and taste testing, they give Primal Foods Liver Munchies their highest rating - 4 PAWS!  This is a product I would definitely buy for my collies.

We were actually lucky enough to be asked to do another review on a Primal Foods Product in the past - you can find it here:  Primal Foods

But it wasn't only the collies who were invited to do a review.   Pumpkin kitty was also sent treats by  They sent her a bag of Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums, Savory Salmon version.  And apparently these treats were so delicious she could not wait until we returned from the Lighthouse.  (we were only gone about an hour!)  She ripped open the bag, and had a kitty feast!  As you can see, she LOVED these treats.  Blue Buffalo made a truly irresistible flavor when they created these cat treats.  Pumpkin gives these treats her highest rating - 4 PAWS, and is insisting we buy another package tomorrow!

Now this is the face of a contented cat!

Want to get these delicious treats for your furry family members?  You can find these treats and many more at


  1. those are some great treats - we loved the primal ones too.

  2. Dietzy loved those cat treats also, we told momma we wanted the liver ones like you got but hers didn't listen to us.
    stella rose

  3. Good job every buddy. Tasty treats
    Lily & Edward

  4. Great review, those treats look yummy!