Friday, February 21, 2014

Follow up Friday

This week we decided to join the Follow up Friday blog hop!

First - thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for Lad, we are happy to report that he is doing much better!  He has had two surgeries now.  They had to remove most of his lower jaw, because of necrosis.  He is in Kentucky, and being cared for by the awesome veterinary staff at Blue Pearl.   This is the latest update from The Arrow Fund, the rescue organization that is responsible for saving Lad, and getting him transported to Blue Pearl.

The Arrow Fund
Update- "Lad" - Today "Lad" is bright and animated ! He is doing well with his tube feedings . He does want to be up and out a bit more . Once his mouth heals we are going to try feeding him through his mouth (wet food) - very excited about this ! Many Arrow Fund supporters went to Frankfort today for Humane Lobby Day to try and get some laws passed in Kentucky. Kentucky is the ...
worst state when it comes to laws to protect animals ! So today we were fighting and speaking for "Lad" and the many other animals that need better protection. We are their voice ! Thanks to everyone for your support for "Lad" and The Arrow Fund. We truly appreciate you all !

You can find more updates on Lad by going to The Arrow Fund's Facebook page or by clicking here:

Flea said "That snow looks like SO much fun! I'm so jealous. It's in the 60's here and winter seems to be gone."

Yes, the collies are loving it, and they make me smile and laugh when I watch them playing in it.  But we have had 1 - 2 snow storms every week for the last month, and I am ready for Spring to arrive!

Our friends at Cowspotblog said "Ryder has stolen my heart :)"
And we feel the same way about Reilly and Denny.  There is just something so endearing about a fluffy herding dog, isn't there? :)
And they said "I will never understand how part of the human race can be so giving and part can be the cruelest of cruel. We will help."
thank you, the way everyone has helped this boy is amazing.  Animal lovers are truly the best people in the world!
Jodi from Heartlikeadog said "Beautiful photos, so sad about Lad. I do hope his abuser is prosecuted and that Lad can recover to lead a good life." 
We really hope the abuser is prosecuted for what he or she did.  The police seem to know who did this, and we can only hope the laws in Kentucky will allow them to punish this individual with more than just a fine.
Spotty spotty polkadotty said "Collie's were definitely built for snow, weren't they? :) 
Oh wow - poor Lad! Who could do such a thing???? "
We have read rumors on Facebook, but the police haven't officially said yet.  The most heartbreaking thing is that another dog was recently found in Kentucky, also shot in the jaw, and sadly this dog didn't make it.   We haven't heard if both cases are related.
Stellroselong said "It is so hard to understand the meanness in the world. Sending him our prayers."
Thank you, all the prayers seem to be working for this collie boy.  He is slowly recovering, and even though he will have to be hand fed a special soft diet for the rest of his life, he still loves everyone.  Dogs are so forgiving.
Diane at colliesandlife said "I shared the post about Lad on FB, and I have donated. I am praying very hard that he pulls through. He deserves to have a long and happy life, all the more so because of this horrible event."
I am so impressed how the collie community, all over the world, has pulled together to help this special boy.  Thank you for helping him!
Onecollie said "will share as well, and will donate too, I am so sick about this, my heart is breaking for him, thank god he is safe now & on pain medication."
Thank you!  My heart is breaking too, even though he is recovering, I get sad everytime I see a picture of him.  He was such a pretty boy, and he is obviously going to struggle with eating and drinking the rest of his life.
Phyllis said "I saw this also on facebook,& couldn`t believe how cruel this was to hurt him like that.He reminds me so much of my Max with the extra long nose & face I so loved about him.Praying for healing"
Thank you!  He reminds me of my Ryder too.  And when I imagine someone doing this to Ryder, or any collie, (or ANY dog) it breaks my heart. 
 Scottiemom said "Oh my goodness. Poor Lad. This really and truly is heartbreaking. How can anyone do that to any creature? The really sad thing is I just heard of a very similar story about another pup who was also shot in the face and brought to the shelter I found Mr. K. Of course, we donated right away. These poor pups. Thank you for letting us know about this baby. I look forward to hearing he has fully recovered. Much love, The Scottie Mom"
Thank you!  And we just read recently that another dog was found, also in Kentucky, and also shot in the jaw.  Sadly, this one didn't make it.  We are wondering if it was the same sick person, who shot both dogs. :(
Milo and Jet said "Oh poor lad :( What horrible humans that have done this too him where sending Lad all the power of the paw we can muster for a quick and speedy recovery. Milo & Jet"  
Thank you so much!
And to everyone who commented - thank you, from both me and the collies.  The outpouring of love and good wishes for Lad really is making a difference!


  1. Oh we are so happy he is beginning to do much better, you are right when you said dogs are the most forgiving in our world..animals in general...people are mean and cruel and it is so hard to understand why.
    Stella rose

  2. Oh my goodness, that poor pup, it sounds like an awful thing! Hope he will be alright!

  3. we donated $25 - our months treat money to the Lad.....we have fallen in love with him and read about him every day on Facebook. We are wondering though how he ever going to be able to eat with no bottom jaw? Are they going to try and give him some sort of new jaw - we saw that done once before? How will they stop his tongue drying out - especially in summer....we have all sorts of questions going through our minds.

  4. I have been following his progress on Facebook. It breaks my heart seeing him, but yesterday the video that was posted melted my heart. Dogs are such forgiving creatures ... and he is so full of happy Collie life.

  5. So glad he is doing so well. Honestly there are times when I truly believe "an eye for an eye" whoever did that to him, deserves whatever Karma life has to bring. Thanks for updating us on him.

  6. We are with Emma, follow up's are so great :) We are hoping for warm weather, we have had sooooo much rain xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie