Monday, January 28, 2013

Why show dogs?

My daughter and I live with our five collies, and we both take care of them.  But my daughter is the one who is responsible for handling them at dog shows.

First dog show

She began learning how to show collies ten years ago, when she was just a little girl.  She started out as a junior handler, and now that she is in college, she wants to become a professional dog handler.

My daughter and Abby, winning the tough Open class at the CCA 2008 National

Dogs respond well to her in the ring, and my daughter is becoming recognized as a great collie handler.  She is good with dogs, and has even been hired to handle other people's collies at dog shows.

It's been a wonderful experience, watching my daughter grow up,  and her time competing at dog shows has been an important part of her life.  It has taught her patience, responsibility and good sportsmanship.  She has had to spend years practicing and training.  She has attended classes and seminars, and has been mentored by many well-known collie handlers over the years.

Westminster 2012

She has learned to set goals, and work hard to achieve them.  She wanted to qualify to compete at Westminster, and she did it, twice. 

My daughter and Holly, Westminster Dog Show 2012

She was ranked amoung the Collie Club of America's Top Twenty Junior Handlers for last five years of her junior handling career.  And while she misses competing in junior handling, she now helps younger junior handlers develop their handling skills.

The 2012 Collie Club of America Top Ten Junior handlers invitational

Competing at dog shows has kept us spending time together as a family.  When most teenagers would rather be off with their friends, my daughter and I were traveling all over the country to compete in dog shows.  She has also developed life-long friendships with other junior handlers by competing in this sport.

(Winner's Bitch competition at the CCA 2008 National)

And the people we have met over the years have made us realize that we are now part of a dog show community.  And they have recognized my daughter's efforts by awarding her a college scholarship!  I know that many people look at dog shows and cannot understand the appeal.  Some may even dislike dog shows, or find them boring.  But I will always be grateful for what dog shows have brought into our lives, and how they helped mold my daughter into the amazing person she has become...


  1. Oh those are great pictures...I didn't know your daughter did says she agree's with you about keeping them busy when they are teenagers by doing things together.
    stella rose
    Hey ryder, this is mag's you have a picture we can send to mollie for the valentine ball all prettied up...if so send it to mom at

  2. How cool is that ! Many years ago I was a regular on the Show circuit with my Basenji - she was both Australian and New Zealand Champion. We met so many wonderful people and their doggies and learned so much from them. Way to go on your daughters scholarship!

  3. What a wonderful event & wonderful young lady!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. That is so awesome, good for her!!

  5. That's really cool! Glad that she has found something she enjoys doing and does it so well!

  6. How fantastic, she is really clever ( as it's not easy ) and the dogs obviously adore her :) What wonderful Photo's, you must be so proud of her :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. What a wonderful post and how lucky you are to have your dogs bring you and your daughter closer together. Your pride shows through (as it should.) I wish her the best of luck as she pursues her dreams.

    Good job MOM!

  8. Here from Pet Bloggers United. Have a lovely Monday :)

  9. Ah todays post was wonderful and your daughter is a beautiful girl, clearly inside and out. How cool to be able to spend so much time together to. I love traveling with my mother. There is no better way to cement a relationship than that.

    Happiness to all of you
    bert and my vickie

  10. You must be so proud of her!! She sounds wonderful being ables to handle Collies like that in the show rings, congratulations to you and her!
    Love Milo :)

  11. Hi you , nice to meet you , I mean it's the first time that I meet people blogging and handling's cool :)

    I'm a breeder also, from Brazil, and being honest , I don't like dog shows anymore, I used when I was young, but now I just like breed.
    I wish your daughter be a great handler and, of course, i wish the best for your breed , success for you both!

    I have to say that the best feeling in the dog shows is getting lots of cool and nice friends . I have friends everywhere , including Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman from Milas collies that I guess you know. Shows are cool , but friends are awesome! :D

    Congratulations miss handler !

    greetings from Brazil
    Cintia Fumagalli - Fairieland Collies


  12. :-D Oh man, your Daughter made it to Westminster (twice)?! Wowee!! Ok, so I'm definitely not a huge puppy show kind of a guy...but I know that one! Huge congratulations to both of you! :-D You should be proud! She certainly seems like she's kicking tush in the Collie showing world!

  13. That is so cool, how amazing to watch her career I find dog shows fascinating and liked your information of how hard handlers work at their craft. Thanks for sharing.

  14. love the top picture, is that one of your collies?
    You mentioned Holly goes back to some Mariner collies, what is her pedigree? She is lovely!

  15. The first collie is ours, but she was bred by Overland.

    Holly was bred by Accent collies, and Peg has a related collie, CH Accent Echoes of Time. Are your collies related to him?

    1. so I checked & our dogs are related through Pegs boys sire, Make My Day, his gr grandfather is Ch Vennessee's Midnight Express, who is my Tates grandfather & is also behind my Kort :)

  16. Our first and current 1-yr old collie is also from Overland! Unfortunately, he has a host of health problems from birth that has left him somewhat disabled, but he is a very happy boy. We love him to death!

  17. I would have to check his pedigree, most likely way back for sure, Peg bought him to special so she didn't breed him, but I am going to look at what is behind him. Love the Overland stuff, my friend Diana used Black Market & has some very nice pups from the breeding .

  18. That is so very cool that your daughter loves to show! If you were around Utah.. I'd hire her to handle Quinn... :) Conformation isn't my favorite dog thing.. I prefer the sports like agility and obedience. I showed my old collie Levi about 10 years ago, he got his CH, and I will say, I was proud of him. :)