Friday, January 18, 2013

Follow-up and Finding a Forever Home Friday!

Today we are doing both a “Follow-up Friday” and a “Finding a Forever Home Friday” post!

First, thank you to those of you who responded to Abby’s post yesterday.  She is working hard on your “Dear Abby” questions, and will be posting her responses soon. 

The collies have been brainstorming, and they have come up with some new ideas for their blog for 2013.  On Wednesdays, most bloggers participate in the “Wordless Wednesday” blog hop, by posting just one picture.  The collies have decided to join, but with a slight twist.  Every Wednesday their Wordless post will be a picture, with the theme “Love is.”  So their first “Love Is” post will appear next week!

It’s been a while since we last did a “Finding a Forever Home Friday” post.  Sadly, many of the collies we posted about previously, are still waiting for homes. 

You may remember Pal, the sweet happy boy.  He is still waiting, and would make such a wonderful companion.  Who needs a best friend?  Pal is in Virginia, and will steal your heart if you give him a chance!

Also, Tristate Collie rescue is full, they have no foster home available.  There is a collie in desperate need, and he is still in a shelter!  This shelter only keeps dogs for a limited time, so he needs immediate help.  If anyone is Indiana , and would like to adopt or foster this collie please contact TriState collie rescue as soon as possible!


And last, but not least, Collie Rescue of South Louisiana is also in need of Foster homes.  They are taking in 2 smooth collie pups from a kill shelter, and do not have any available foster homes.  If you can help them foster, please contact Collie Rescue of South Louisiana at or call #504-251-7879

(all pictures in this post are the property of the rescues, and are being shared with their permission)


  1. those collies are beautiful....we will we watching for your new posts.
    stella rose

  2. Dear Ryder:
    I would love it if you want to be my other buddy that comes with Kirby and me...of course Kirby asked me first so he will have to bring most of the gifts..
    P.S. Stella rose just told me I had better check with the Kirbster first in case he would be offended by another guy coming with us...I will get back with you...geeze all these rules!

  3. Oh its sad. I hate that so many animals do not have loving homes like ours. We just can't help them all, can we..A magic wand would be nice :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Ryder Kirby said u can go with us also

  5. the Mama loves collies. She's says they have nicer hair than she does! How nice of you to share your blog with them. We think your take on Wordless Wednesday is very exciting. The concept can get a bit old, but it sounds like your take will be a breathe of fresh air!

  6. Thanks for participating in FUF, it's lovely to have you join us!

    That's a really great thing you are doing featuring dogs in need of forever homes, the plight of homeless dogs in this world just breaks my heart. By sharing the photos and stories we perhaps can save them, one by one.

  7. It's so sad that there are so many in need, not just collies either. We ALL need to do what we can. I can say from personal experience that fostering is SO rewarding.

    We are looking forward to the Dear Abby and like your idea for Wednesday posts.

  8. We have a little something for you over here:

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Howdy Mates, we'll keep paws crossed here that those beautiful collies find their loving forever homes. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. I hope them collies find forever homes soon. Mum said she would love to have one if she could but we don't have the space or time at the moment :(
    Love Milo :)