Thursday, January 10, 2013

All Dog Foods Are Not Created Equal!

I talk to so many people who share their lives with dogs, and I am always surprised with the answers I receive when I ask what “dog food do you feed?”

I even had one person tell me that he fed his dog a great food, he fed his dog Beneful!  With commercials telling us what a great dog food each company sells, it can be hard to know if we are making the right choice for our best friends.  But with a little bit of research, and some label reading, everyone can make the best choice of dog food for their individual budgets.

This website is a great tool, because the research is already done for you, and each food is given a rating.

Try to aim for dog foods that are rated 4, 5 or 6 stars.  Avoid feeding your dog any kibble in the 1 - 3 star range.  Click on each star rating, then click on each dog food, to see a detailed analysis of that food.  One thing you really want to watch out for are the carcinogens BHA, BHT & Ethoxquin, which are banned from human foods but are permitted in dog foods!

Holly: "Don't we deserve the very best?"


  1. We feed Stella Blue Buffalo Salmon with Sweet Potato. When we first got Maggie Butch thought he would feed her Science and that is what the vet recommended but as soon as she finished that bag I started her on puppy blue. I also thought with our first dog, zeus that store bought food was the best until her developed pancreatis and I started researching ingred. etc. The commercials really fool a person!! Sometimes Butch and i get into a discussion as to the greater expensive of this type of food, but I try to remind him it pays off in the end for our pugs and not as many trips to the vet!!
    P.S. I bet that is what it is ...puppy food! The vet said we had to leave Mag's on her puppy food for a year tho.

  2. Great information to have. We feed raw, but should we ever need to go back to a dry kibble this is good to know.

    It surprises me what some people think is a good quality food too. :-( But then sometimes Beneful might be a good quality food for their budget needs.

  3. Pet food is a heavily regulated product and as such is covered by legislation throughout the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe as well. In the States, pet food manufacturers are regulated by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

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