Monday, December 17, 2012

Sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

I tend to make up songs for my collies, and sing the songs to them.  (not terribly well either, but the collies aren’t critics!)  They get very happy, and bounce and wag their tails, especially if they hear their names in the songs.  Since it’s Christmas time, this is my newest song for them, and since it has lots of words they recognize, they love it! (sung to the music of “All I Want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.”)

All we want for Christmas
Is Bully sticks
And Stuffy toys
Gee, if we could only have stinky cow hooves
Then we would have a Merry Collie Christmas!

It seems so long since we last had
Yummy Christmas treats!
Gosh, oh gee, how happy We'd be!
Because getting lots of presents is just so sweet!

All we want for Christmas are loves and rubs
Loves and belly rubs, and kisses and hugs!
Gee, if we could only have kisses and hugs,
Then we would have a Merry Collie Christmas!

Do you sing to your dogs?  Do they like it, and get happy? 


  1. We say what ever floats your boat :) Mom mumbles under her breath a lot and sometimes hums...but we have never heard her sing.

  2. I sing a nighty night song to maggie,....did you get your box yet?
    Stella Rose

  3. I saw your post where you got your box...I hoped you liked everything and enjoyed the book!! We enjoyed putting it together for you!
    stella rose and mom

  4. Singing is always good. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, you guys are beautiful!

  5. My Humom sings to me..I jump all over her, she thinks I'm praising her for her talents but really I'm saying..STOP that whining..BOL Love you with Santa and we hope you get all the treats :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Bahaha, I love your song!! :-D No wonder they get all excited when you throw in words like: bully sticks, treats, and belly rubs! ;-) Domeek sometimes sings to me...but I tend to ignore her and roll my eyes! Hehehe!

  7. Oh god, mums terrible for that!! She usually sings songs off the tele and adds my name in them, not very well either.... But we have this song that she sung me when i was a pupper and when theres fireworks or we're going the vets she sings it to calm me, she sings it to me when i'm going asleep to sometimes! Your song is great, i LOVE the words!!!
    Milo :)

  8. You mean I'm not the only one who makes up songs to sing to the dog? I've always been too embarrassed to say it publicly before, but your bravery inspires me so here it is: I make up songs with my dog's name int hem and i sing them to him out loud...and he likes it! Whew, I feel better now :)

  9. That is a great song your mom wrote. She is really talented. My Vickie sings to us all the time, but never puts in our names. I think now, she will try cause she thinks it is a great idea.

    Sure do love all your Christmas pictures with Santa.

  10. That was adorable!! My husband is sings all the time to the dogs and is making up words to other songs. I just sort of roll my eyes and smile. At least the dogs like it!!

  11. OMG! I love it! Fred and Gloria just love it when I sing to them too. They start wagging their tails and prancing around. It is so darn cute! I bet your babies just love being sung to. :)

    P.S. - Here's a link to the Chocolate Cherry Cookies. :)

  12. We love your pictures with Santa! We are so jealous. Mom won't take us to visit Santa cause we leave pee mail everywhere and she gets embarrassed! We don't understand why! Tee Hee!

  13. I also incorporate Linus's and Blueberry's names in songs - Linus loves it and his little tail wags away!

    But you are amazing for making a whole entire song just for them! :)

    The name of the group is New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue. Thanks!

  14. Love your song and all the pictures too! :D
    I don't usually sing to Lassie and Petal, but I talk to them. A lot. Usually in doggy-talk, which is slightly more obnoxious than my baby-talk. I also talk for them or, more often, I translate for them because they almost always talk back; one of my favorite things about the Collie. I can't feel too insane talking to them when they answer back with a few "woofs!" haha.

  15. What a great song you wrote! We should maybe try singing it. About the only singing to the dogs I do is towards the blind ones, especially Breeze since she seemed to be having some issues with space. It's only her name though. Sorta like: Breeezzzieee-Breeze. Breeeezzzieee. Hey, it works and gets her all excited which is better than growly!