Saturday, December 8, 2012

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus!

Ryder here, I thought I would borrow Mom's computer and tell you about my day!

We had a busy day today, and I am one tired collie!  Mom had to work this morning, she never works on Saturdays, but she said it was a teacher in-service and it was mandatory.  I don't like my mom leaving me on the weekend, that's our time together!

But she made it up to us.  My human sister had to work all day, the dog kennel where she works was doing pictures with Santa, to raise money for the local shelter.  So mom took me, Kori and Scarlett to see Santa.  I  got to see him a week ago, when he was on the beach, and today he stopped by the kennel!  I think Santa is such a great guy, making time to visit with all of us pups during his busiest time of year!

Don't we look cute with Santa?

While we were standing in line, waiting for our turn, I happened to catch my girl making friends with another dog!  Boy, was I jealous!  But I know it's part of her job to make the dogs staying at the kennel happy, because they are missing their families.

Next weekend Abby and Holly get to go visit Santa, he is going to be at Petsmart!  He sure does love dogs!


  1. That's a very sweet pic with Santa. And your hats are quite cute too:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. That is a GREAT Santa pic! Very adorable!

  3. Wowwee you guys are sooooo lucky, seeing Santy Paws...twice!!! :-D I hope that you enjoyed yourselves! Don't worry about your Sister, I'm sure that she was just trying to make one of her kennel pups happy! :-D

  4. Wow! That dog does look like me. Do you think your sister could come to my kennel next time I have to stay there?

  5. Nice photo. That one would make a great card.

  6. What a fun day woo had!

    That is a furry nice pikhture!

    I bet woo made Santa's day!


  7. Cute indeed....we got your card yesterday, Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

  8. That'z so lovely for youz, so unfair for mez..They'z do nuffin for uz doggies here :( I have neffer seen Santa. I'm so pleazed you had a great day..Whispers ( Ryder, Ranger asked mez out first, if he dont'z treat mez right..well, say no more'z BOL )xx00xx

    'd rather be doing what your doing Sage, what fantastic fun :) But Humom would of loved to of seen all those animals and eaten that food :) Did you have a baff..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. If your human sister ever comes to Utah she can come work at our kennel. We love the workers who give extra hugs and loves to our guests.


  10. We really like your picture with Santa! That is super cool!

  11. You all did a great job posing!

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. What an awesome picture with Santa!! By the way I did go look at that ornament on E-bay. It looks just like Freddie and Gloria. It is just so darn cute!

  13. Another great picture with Santa!

    You're making me think I should get a Santa hat (or seven!) for mine and see if they'll wear them!

  14. Thank you so very much for your comment on my post "Angry Birds". I could feel all your love for Laddie in your words, and I know it was heartfelt everything you shared!! Thank you again!!
    My Mom mailed your package today...would you let us know when you get has weird stuff inside, maybe some of her Christmas spirit is kinda gone so its not the best box she has packed..she sent you a book she had just read also, she said its kinda heart breaking and different so pass it on when you are done if you want.
    Stella rose

  15. Great picture! I bet Santa was very impressed with how nicely all of you behaved! Way to score treat points!

  16. Wow thats so lucky i haven't seen santa yet :(
    He sure does love us doggies!!
    Your human is very kind sharing her love with other dogs!!

    Milo :)