Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kitty time on the collie blog!

Pumpkin here!

I decided to hyjack the collies' blog today.  It's high time there was a post about, well, me!

I'm sure you are wondering what it's like living with five collies!  Most days I really enjoy living with them.  When I was first adopted, I was really little.  My kitty family lived on a farm and a racoon was hunting my littermates.  So I was adopted at a pretty young age.

But being adopted by a family with collies ended up being a very nice thing!  Because the collies love me!  They don't mind snuggling with me one bit!  So I was never lonely, and never missed my brothers and sisters.

  And my human family members think I am just about the cutest, prettiest cat they have ever seen! (what do you think?)

(I have to admit, I think I was adorable!)

Around the time I was adopted, Kori and Ryder, and the brother Luke were just tiny puppies.  So I ended up becoming one of the litter! (they even shared their food with me!)

Some days my life is a little challenging, like when the humans dress me up for Halloween!  (but at least they make me look pretty!)

And these collies need a lot of supervision!  Sometimes it's a never ending job!  But they really do love me...

Still, it’s a pretty nice life, living with five collies and two humans.  I get lots of love and attention.  The collies don’t mind when I steal their dog cookies or toys.  And most importantly, there is always someone to play with!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about me!  I have to run though, here comes the collies!


  1. wow they do love you much, mean ole cat dietzman never ever in a million years lets me and mags within 50 feet of him, if we somehow get close he swats us!!! u r lucky!!
    stella rose

  2. Such a pretty kitty!! love that last photo :)

  3. This post is filled with some of the cutest pictures I have ever seen and that video is too sweet, awww!
    Pumpkin, you are a gorgeous cat. I love the last picture of you. You have amazingly beautiful eyes. I also love how well you get along with the Collies! So cute.

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  4. Bowsers, Essex loves cats. Sherman gets excited and wants to meet them so bad, that the cats run away.

    Essex & Sherman

  5. Ah Pumpkin, What a great post. I am so glad you got a chance to express yourself. And the video was perfect. My Vickie used to play marbles with her grandma every day until she passed. (not My Vickie, but her grandma)
    She is still alive.

    Anyway, you are one cute kitty and I hope we hear more from you in the future. Maybe Allred can take some lessons on niceness from you


  6. OMD, Pumpkin you are absolutely beautiful, especially your gorgeous eyes! :-D What an awesome fit...I'm super glad that the Collies get along so well with you, like me with Little Bit! :-D You should take over the blog every once and a while! Hehehe, I love your butterfly costume!

  7. You are so adorable :) Living wiff five Collie'z WOW..MOL xxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. What a cute kitty you are! I adore that last photo - your eyes are mesmerizing. I have to wonder, living with all those collies, if you sometimes think that you're a collie? In any case, I love seeing you snuggle with them.

  9. Hi Pumpkin! Good for you for taking over that blog. We often wonder if Oscar (the old cat) and Gerrard (the wonder kitty) should say a few words. No doubt they would have lots to say about life with seven dogs!

  10. Wow you are one special kitty living with 5 collies!! You should get an award!!
    Love Milo :)