Monday, September 17, 2012

Missing him this week.

I've been missing my boy a lot this weekend.  It's now been a year since I lost my Lad, and amazingly three new collies have joined our family.  But  no one can replace him, not for me and not for my daughter. 

He was our first collie, our best friend, and everything we could want in a dog.


  1. :-( I'm so sorry! Domeek still has a hard time missing two of my kitty brothers that I never met. But, at least in those tough times you will have three wonderful collies to snuggle up to...we're very good at understanding and don't mind running mascara!! Take care!

  2. love the angel wings :)
    So sorry for your loss, we never stop missing them :(

  3. Sounds all to familiar. They are always in your heart.

  4. We cried with you when we read this..... we never stop missing them. God Bless You!