Friday, September 14, 2012

"Forever Home" Friday

We thought we would share some collies who are in rescue, and in need of "Forever Homes."  These are just some of the collies available through Tri-State Collie Rescue.  Please visit their site to view more of these sweet collies in need of homes!  They have collies available in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  You can contact them at Sharon 740-917-9446 (No calls after 9pm eastern) And...Jackie  812-703-0727 (no calls after 9pm eastern)


Hippie (Wendy) has been through a lot since coming to TSCR two months ago and has come through them remarkably. She had hip surgery to repair an injury to her hip after being hit by a car. She is now using the leg 90% of the time and the other 10% presents no problem at all. She will probably continue to improve in the next few months. But nothing keeps this little girl down. Wendy is a delightful girl, believed to be a collie / border collie mix about 4 years old. and medium build . She is very smart and has learned to sit / stay since being in foster care. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She loves people and is very gentle with children. She is very well behaved, completely house broken and walks well on a leash. She still has a few issues with bikes and roller blades but that can be overcome with exposure and time. She loves to play with her toys and appropriately enjoys a good game of tug of war. Give her your heart and your home and she will give you lots of hugs and kisses and lots of reasons to smile.


Leigh is a 50 lbs. sable/white rough (her coats has been trimmed)collie from central Kentucky and was given up due to family misfortune. She is a perfect collie girl. Really! As her foster mom, I have never seen such a good, well adjusted rescue. She might be about six years old, medium stature, agile and healthy and fully vetted.

Leigh has adapted seamlessly to everything in her new foster home. She rides well in a car, in an elevator, takes flights of stairs, vet visits, less than friendly dogs and walks well on a leash. She is dignified, calm and sweet natured. Leigh greets me each morning with a sweet kiss on my nose and a wagging tail. She loves to sit and snuggle on the couch. She has never had an accident in the home. She listens very well to commands and knows "sit", "come" and "stay".

Leigh would do best with older children as an indoor dog. She wants very much to be by your side no matter what you are doing.

Jay is a wonderful blue merle collie from Tennessee. He is a big boy about 60 lbs. and is about 3 or 4 years old. He had to be shaved because of the poor condition of his skin and coat. He has been neutered and fully vetted and ready for a home with a very big heart.

Jay is sweet and surprisingly calm and resourceful. He is blind in one eye and seems to see some lights and darks in the other. He also might have some loss of hearing on one side.

He uses his nose to touch every object in a room and if nothing "moves" on him he is good to navigate without incident! He gently nudges you for attention and will not take treats from your hand but expect you to drop it right below where he expects it to drop. His skin is very sensitive to the touch and his sense of smell is great!. He does very well on walks and touches your knee to see where you are as he "discovers" his environment. He is not scared of anything and does stairs and elevators. He is housebroken (as soon as he knows where indoors ends and outdoors begins!).

He wags his tail when he smells another dog. Does not notice cats or squirrels. Absolutely must have a fenced in and safe yard. Older children with patience and understanding are necessary for him to have a good and full life as a disabled collie. As soon as his coat comes in he will be a beautiful rough blue merle collie with a wonderful disposition ready to sit by your side all day long.

Sasse & Fang

Sasse & Fang are brand new to our program. This pair of collies are very bonded. Sasse & Fang came from a very bad neglect situation. Sasse must be Fangs mommy from what we can figure out. Fang is deaf & Sasse will alert him when he needs to react. Both dogs are doing well but have a way to go before they are ready for adoption. Fang has entropian and needs eye surgery. Both dogs came in with really bad eye infections and are on oral & eye drop antibiotics. Sasse & Fangs foster parents are taking wonderful care of them & seeing to it that they get healthy. Fang really depends on Sasse for security. Both dogs are very sweet. Everyday is a new day for them. Going from living outdoors in 100 degree temps to living indoors they are adjusting very well. Fang is 3 years old & Sassy is 5 years old. Both dogs get along with other dogs. Sasse does not like cats!!!!

Sassy is on the left and Fang is on the right in the pictures.

Honey is a 7 year old petite female collie who was surrendered to TSCR along with Koda. Honey is a very sweet girl and has been the perfect angel in foster care. Honey gets along with other dogs,cats & kids. Honey is housebroken. Honey was in rough shape when she came in to rescue but is starting to look and feel better. Honey has a thyroid condition and takes thyroid medication. Honey loves to talk & chatter when you love on her or talk to her. Honey would be perfect as an only dog or would do fine in a home with a dog her age. Honey and Koda can be seperated. Since arriving in foster care Honey does not seem interested in Koda.

Meet Ryne our newest TSCR addition, he is a beautiful 3-4 year old mahogany sable rough coated male. Ryne is such a handsome boy, is housebroken, crate trained and walks well on a leash. Ryne is cat friendly and loves other dogs. Ryne is trying to get use to walking on hardwood floors but still has some fear so his foster home has accommodated him by placing rugs throughout the house. Ryne is such a sweet and gentle collie and he adores children and would do perfect with children over the age of 8 since he likes to give stand-up hugs. He is not a jumper but does like to greet people by standing up on them to say hello. Ryne does know basic commands such as down and sit.


Jolene (Jolie) is a super sweet senior collie, about 10 years old. She came into the rescue with injuries to her neck, head, and paw pads, all healing nicely. She still has a slight limp. Sweet, slow, smart, and a bit stubborn describe her. Her foster Mom is working to reinforce her potty routine, but she does sleep through the night without a problem. She loves carrots! She gets along great with the other dogs in the house and really enjoys meeting new doggie friends. When her paw pads heal a bit more we'll see how she does on a leash.

Justin is a gorgeous 3 yr old tri color male collie who was a owner surrender at no fault of his own. He is up to date on all vaccines. The previous owner told us he has had a couple of seizures but we aren't sure it wasn't the result of the Heartguard he has been on. We will monitor this for the next month.,

Justin is a little timid at first but once he gets to know you he will be your best friend. He does very well in the car, gets along with his foster brother tango and does not mind cats. He does very good on a leash and does know some commands, like sit,stay come; he loves to be around his humans and furry friends. and he loves to cuddle. He is currently being fostered in Ohio

Justin is also being treated for Lyme's disease and should be fine in a couple of weeks. His coat was shaved due to matting. As you can see it is growing back and should be beautiful in a few months.

Meet Mick! The vets estimate him to be about 4 years of age and could possibly have the markings he does due to poor breeding or possibly a collie/border collie combination. Either way he is a great dog and loves to play with other dogs. He also likes to be the center of attention so he would do just fine as an only pet. He walks well on a leash and is well behaved. He is good around adults as well as children. He also loves to be scratched - that is his all time favorite thing!!!

Meet our new boy Kuhlua! He is a big boy but isn't quiet at the weight he needs to be for him frame. He weighs in at 57 lbs but could go to 65 easily. He is a handsome sable and white four year old who came into rescue after his owner moved. He is current on all of his vaccines and neutered.

Kuhlua enjoys going for walks or just sitting around with his owners and furry friends. He gets along great with other does and cats don't bother him, and he even likes kids. He knows sit, stay, shake and will give lots of collie kisses. He is being fostered in Ohio.


  1. So many beautiful furbabies in need of forever homes.

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  5. What a brilliant post :) Lets hope these lovely Pups find forever homes :) xx00xx
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  6. Oh I sure hope they all find loving forever homes! Hippie looks just like a collie I had growing up. :)