Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding a Forever home Friday...

It's Friday again, so that means it's time to showcase a collie rescue where a loving collie waits to be found...

This week we chose  a rescue that helps collies in Virginia and Maryland.  This rescue group is called Collie Rescue, Inc.  Take a minute to visit their site, and look at all the collies they have available.
Their collies are also listed on Petfinder:

Meet Azure!
Azure is a 2 year old smooth coat collie - beautiful blue merle.  Azure has been on a fitness kick since she came to be with CRI and has already made great strides with her weight and activity.  She enjoys playing with her foster sibling and is learning basic manners.  She bonds quickly with her people, and gets along well with other dogs, though she would probably do best in a home with another male dog to play with.  She is silly and loves to goof around; she will need a family that will use positive training to help her learn good doggie manners and not be too mouthy or rough.  Azure will also need to continue gentle exposure to the 'outside world' from a patient owner - she is becoming more confident with new sounds and experiences, but still has a way to go.  Azure has tons of potential and With a little help and encouragement, she is going to make a great addition to someone's home.   
What a beauty!

Meet Katie!

Senior dogs have the most love to give!
Katie was given up to a local shelter by her family as they could no longer care for her. She is about 10 years old.  She is great with other dogs and children.  She likes to play and just relax and enjoy the great outdoors.  She had a very bad skin infection when CRI got her, and we're working on getting her back into shape!

Meet Pal!

He'll steal your heart!

If you’re looking for a 65lb friendly boy who thinks he’s a lap dog, meet Pal.  
This is one HAPPY dog whose tail never seems to stop wagging.   Pal is a mostly collie mix that came to us via a shelter in Charlottesville, VA.  We don’t know anything about him prior to his arrival there other than when he came to them he was rather skinny and had some skin problems.  He’s all cleared up now and ready to be your family’s happiest member.

The shelter estimated his age at ~6yrs…Although we’re now thinking he may be a bit younger due to his wonderful, gregarious, disposition and spurts of playfulness.   Yet he’s not an excitable boy.…He's JUST HAPPY! 

He settled right in with his foster family.   He is showing good house manners, is house broken, sleeps in his crate and respects for the authority of his big brother dog.  And of course LOVES meeting new people without being a pest.  He’s a clean slate.  We don’t think he’s had any formal training.  Yet he’ll come when you call, follow you dutifully around the house/yard and walks very well on leash.

So please, if you are in the Virginia or Maryland areas, stop by and visit these wonderful collies!


  1. They are all so awesome. I hope they all find their forever homes. If I could I'd take Pal right now! lol!

    Thanks for your comment about finding suitable homes for puppies. Even with all the screening there is still really no way to know. Everyone always excited about puppies, not every one loves dogs. We didn't know that Blazer's abuser even existed until after they picked her up. His wife and family met with us several times, something I was adamant about and never once mentioned her husband. We would visit every couple of months and just watch Blaze full of fear and completely submit to anyone who came close to her. But we had no proof that she was being abused. So we just kept checking in. Thank goodness we did, because when the husband wanted to get rid of Blaze, he called us and we jumped on it. It was the worse feeling in the world just having her 5 months earlier a happy, feisty dog to the broken shell of a dog she came home as. My husband and I didn't think we would ever stop crying over her. It has taken some time but she is doing so great now. Such a character and we couldn't love her more. :)

  2. They are all so beautiful! Azure has such unusual coloring, Katie looks like such a sweetheart, and Pal reminds me of my mom's dog Rocky. He might be Collie mix, is also 65lbs (or more) and thinks he's a lap dog.

  3. I hope they all find their forever homes soon!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. We hope all the dogs you featured find forever homes. We adopted our Golden Retriever as a 9 year old and he lived to 17! Hopefully an older gal like Katie won't be overlooked just because of her age.

  5. Scout has a favourite one which all of us his bubby.