Saturday, August 25, 2018

I and Love and You...and your dogs will too!

I love my collies dearly, they bring me joy and happiness every day.  So when I choose a dog treat for them, I want the company making those treats to put quality ingredients into every bite.  We love doing product reviews as it helps us discover new foods, treats and toys, and allows us to share them with our readers. knows that pet bloggers are a great way to reach pet owners, and it helps new customers find products they can trust.  That's just one of the many reasons we are so excited to be part of the #ChewyInfluencers campaign.  This month Chewy sent us packages of dog treats from I and Love and You, a company that really cares about our pets.

I and Love and You Jerky treats come in multiple flavors, and our friends at sent us a three pack, so we could try them all!  I loved this idea, because for those with picky eaters, they can try a couple varieties to find which one their finicky friend will love best.  Now, it's no secret that the collies are not choosy, they love most varieties of dog treats.  But I was curious, would they show a preference for one of these flavors of jerky treats?

They loved them all!  I could not discern if they found one variety more tasty than the others, they seemed to find them all to be drool-worthy!  Check out the ingredient list, and key benefits:

Key Benefits
  • With three recipes made with real meat as the first ingredient, including beef, lamb, chicken, duck, and salmon.
  • Tender and chewy treats are perfectly bite-sized so they’re great for dogs of all sizes
  • Perfect for training or anytime your pal deserves a tasty, high-protein, all-natural treat.
  • Made with premium, handpicked ingredients like New Zealand lamb and North American beef.
  • Lovingly made in the USA with never any fillers, grains, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
Chicken + Salmon: Chicken, Salmon, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Salt, Natural Mesquite Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative).

Chicken + Duck: Chicken, Duck, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Salt, Natural Maple Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative).

Beef + Lamb: Beef, Lamb, Glycerin, Brown Sugar, Salt, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative).

Our friends at sent us these treats in exchange for an honest review, we were not reimbursed for this post.  The collies really did love them, and they were the perfect size for training or for taking into the ring at dog shows.  I think they will make a yummy treat for any dog, no matter if they are big or small.  You can order yours, by clicking here!


  1. Those jerky treats look so yummy and how nice of Chewy to send you 3 different flavors to choose from!

  2. Thanks for your review. We have to be so careful about the treats we buy.

  3. What would you recommend as teeth cleaning treats? I don't do rawhide, but want something to help clean my new foster (probably failure).

    1. Our guys love bones! We don't do antlers any more, we had a broken tooth from chewing antlers!

  4. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I usually like salmon best... But in those combinations, I think maybe the one with duck! Or no, maybe the one with lamb and beef! Or, maybe... I don't know... They all sound amazing! And there's mostly just MEAT in there, that's pawesome!

    1. We love them all too! It's impossible to choose a favorite!

  5. I always love the reviews of the treats because I'm always looking for them for our crew. THANKS for this, I love the name, and I've no doubt our crew will too!

    I hope all is well in your corner of the world - Can you believe that summer is ending and Labor Day is next weekend?