Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today is a special day...

We have so many posts to share, but today is all about three special collies.  They came into our lives 5 years ago today, following a Hurricane that devastated our area.  They have brought so much joy and fun into our lives, that we can't imagine our family without them. So we want to wish our Kori and Ryder, and their brother Luke, a very Happy 5th Birthday!  You can read about the story of their unusual birth by clicking here - click me!




  1. They're all so gorgeous! Love that last pic especially! Happy birthday, gorgeous babies!

  2. I do so love Ryders face - he is such a classic collie :)

  3. OMD, what FABulous pictures!!! You guys are so beautifuls!
    Happy Happy Happy Burthday!!!! I hopes you gets lots of IScreams and cake and margaritas!!!! (okays, maybe that last one is for me....hehehehe)
    Ruby ♥

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it is pawesome!! DakotasDen

  5. Happy Birthdays, Collies! I've heard 5 is the new 3, so enjoy this birthday and many many more. I love your Gotcha Story. SO dramatic!

    Love and licks,

  6. You guys are beautiful. We haven't seen a collie in such a long time
    Lily & Edward

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! My dad is a fan of your blog, he grew up with collies and he always enjoys to watch your photos and to remember the friends from his childhood :o)

  8. We remember this, gosh we cannot believe it has been that long, I will always remember Ryder and Mags at their first valentine dance. stella rose