Saturday, May 28, 2016

The puppies adventure outside yesterday...

Cody and Ben

They are 4 weeks old already, and they are growing so fast!

Sophie (left) Cody (middle) and Maizie (right)  3 smoothies!

I wish I could freeze time, keep them this size for a little longer!


Sleepy Sophie

Handsome Wyatt

Adorable Ben
Cutie pie Cody

Wyatt having fun

Miss Maizie

Precious Maizie, she was the tiny one, but has caught up!
Tiny Maizie

Ben Again!

Wyatt, the biggest pup in the litter,he is just like his Uncle Ryder!
Lovely, gentle Sophie.  She is my little shadow, always by my side or in my lap.

I just love these puppies so much!  Their personalities are showing, and they are each so sweet!  We are following the guidelines of "Puppy Culture," which is a method of raising puppies that are calm, sweet, well socialized and bomb-proof.  Check out the Puppy Culture Facebook group to learn more!


  1. So cute!!! Like you, I wish they could stay little longer, such a fun stage of life.

  2. 4 weeks old was my favorite age when we had our litter. They are all so sweet and growing so fast.
    Keep you busy don't they? :)

  3. I'm with you... it's such a fabulous time and it could last a little longer :o) I enjoyed the moments I carried the pup in my arms... :o)

  4. I could sit and watch those little ones all day! How sweet they are, and you are right, growing up fast! It would be nice to find that "pause" (paws?) button! :-)

  5. They grow too fast!! Stop puppies stop! :-) I am with Kim, I could sit and watch/play with puppies all day. I had one in the office last week and it was heavenly.