Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's talk potty pads!

Every month we are fortunate enough to do reviews for  We love Chewy because they send products to pet bloggers, because they care about the quality of the products they sell.  They care what pet lovers think, and they take pride in providing outstanding service to their customers.  The products we receive are sent to us for our honest opinion, and we are in no way reimbursed for our reviews.

This month we were so excited to see that one of the items available for review were Frisco Training Potty Pads!  The timing could not have been more perfect, since our girl, Kori, just blessed us with five little bundles of love.  So we jumped at the chance to review this product.

Of course, since these puppies were just born on April 30th, we had to wait until they were a little bigger before they would be using the pads.

Always check then label
Curious puppies!
Active puppies need puppy pads to stay clean during playtime!

When starting to train puppies to go potty outside, the pads are a great way to encourage them to eliminate in the right locations!

We love these puppy pads!

These potty pads worked great, we were very happy we had them, as five little puppies can make a big mess!  They really helped to keep our puppies clean, and as we begin the process of potty training them, we expect these will make the process MUCH easier for us!  Thank you so much, we loved these and will definitely be ordering more...tomorrow!  (Because five puppies go through a lot of potty pads!)


  1. How neat. You had a need and Chewy filled it. :)

  2. OMD! The puppies are so precious. I'm sure you go through lots of puppy pads.