Monday, January 20, 2014

Travels with the collies...

What a fun weekend with the collies!  On Saturday we took the collies shopping, and they each received a lot of attention.  After the shopping trip, we took them to Lighthouse park, and we got a few really nice pictures.  Then on Saturday evening we visited with some of our friends, who also have collies, and we talked about upcoming shows.  Sunday we took the collies to the park, and unlike our trip on Wednesday, they didn't need baths after they played.  (On Wednesday it was so muddy at the park, we had to take all the collies to the kennel for baths!) 

After the park we took the collies on a hike in the woods, and ended up at the marina on the far side of the state park.  Since we needed some new pictures of Scarlett, she agreed to pose for us!  They had a great time, and were completely exhausted last night!

It was such a fun day, and even though it was cold both days, we all loved being outside most of the weekend!


  1. I LOVE Mr Ryder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love his size, his color, his coat - just everything.:)

  2. Those are just the most beautifuliest pictures in the world!
    stella rose

  3. What cool pictures at the lighthouse. Sounds like a fun filled weekend

  4. That looks like a fantastic adventure you all went on together :) Milo & Jet

  5. Such beautiful dogs! Thanks for sharing your photos! I have a great fondness for collies; I was looking into collie rescues before we got pulled into a German shepherd rescue. :)

  6. Great photo shoot. Your sapiens and you rocked it