Monday, January 6, 2014

More of my collies history...

I have written numerous posts about the history of my collies.  When I decided to trace my collies' pedigrees back through as many generations as possible, I had no idea how fascinated I would become by the history of this special breed.  During this process, I was excited to discover that my collies are descended from some very famous collies.  When people ask me about the history of my line of collies, images of all these beautiful collies, who appear in the pedigrees of my own collies, begin to fill my mind.  And I can't help but wonder where the collie breed would be today if it weren't for these stunning collies of the past - CH Marnus Golden Ruler, CH Parader's Bold Venture and Parader's Golden Image, CH Countryview's Golden Star, CH Tartanside Th' Critics Choice, CH Tartanside Heir Apparent, CH Tartanside The Gladiator - just to name a few.

CH Marnus Golden Ruler

Parader's Golden Image


CH Tartanside The Gladiator

And these are just some of the collies, in some of the more recent generations, I have written previous posts describing how I traced their pedigrees all the way back to the first collies brought to America, and beyond.  I have discovered three websites, designed and maintained by collie lovers, where you can search and view for old and new pedigrees of collies.  When I look at pictures of all these collies of the past, who contributed so significantly to the breed, I can see where my own collies have inherited certain physical characteristics.  I wonder if other dog breeds have established websites, with thousands of pedigrees going back 200 or more years?


  1. That is fascinating and gets me wishing Dina wasn't a cross...but she is beautiful and fascinating in her own way!

    Dina Mom

  2. Many years ago my brother bred rough collies. those looked quite different to the ones we see today. I think dogs in Australia tend to have a lot of the old old characteristics due the cost of getting dogs there.

  3. So I would really like to talk to you more. My collie has a lot of the Tartanside bloodline in her including the champions you listed above.

    1. Hi,
      Your comment posted anonymously, so I have no way to contact you. Are you in Twitter? We can be found on Twitter as @AllThingsCollie

  4. Bought my first collie male puppy from Omaha, Nebraska. It was a parade dog. The puppies father had won Collie Club of America, twice in a row. I entered the puppy in Collie Club of America, in which it took 4th Place. 3 years latter I entered the dog in South Bend, IN, were it won Best in Show.

  5. Also had a wonderful tricolor male, Pepsi, who was descended from several of these dogs. In addition to the aristocratic, elegant looks, he was the ultimate family dog:kind, empathetic, loving, protective when necessary. It's an amazing breed!