Friday, August 30, 2013

Look what the wind blew in...

Two years ago today, following Hurricane Irene, three little puppies were born.  Two were little boys, and both were rough collies.  The third puppy was a little girl, and she was a smooth collie.  The first puppy born was larger than the other two and his sweet collie mother labored for a long time to whelp him, but he was stuck.  On the way to the animal hospital, while riding in the car, he was finally born, and so his name became Ryder. 
At the animal hospital his sister, Kori, and his brother, Luke were born.  Ryder and Kori stayed with their collie mother, Abby, and their Aunt Holly Collie.  Their human mom and sister decided to keep them both.  Luke, was deeply loved, but he had a job to do.  He went to live with a family who were grieving over the death of their beloved collie.  Luke is now the best friend of two little boys, who love him very much.

Kori (left) and Ryder (right)

Their 1st birthday, and the story of their birth

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryder, Kori and Luke!  You make us so happy, and we love you all very much!

Today Holly the happy collie had her surgery!  She is home and resting, with her paw wrapped in a pink bandage.


  1. They are two years old already? Wow.

  2. What a sweet post that really strikes a cord in my heart--There is nothing like a brand new life coming into this world--And what a bumpy ride these precious ones had!

    I'm glad that all has gone well with the surgeries--We continue to send healing thoughts and energy!

  3. :-D what a wonderful story! Happy Happy Birthday Ryder and Kori! Have a fantastic day!!!

  4. Thanks fur sharing such khuteness along with things to make us SMILE!


  5. Happy 2nd Birthday Ryder & Kori
    We hope you had a great second birthday with your family and where spoilt rotten :) We also hope luke enjoyed his birthday as well
    Milo & Jet

  6. What a nice post to come and 'meet' yous on! Happy Birthday, what a very nice story.

    Just reading down further and sorry to hear how badly your sister got bitten. :(
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  7. Happy Belated Barkday!!! Hoping you had lots of yummy treats and fun!
    ~Rebecca & Teach

  8. I love that story. And I'm glad that Holly is doing well. I was going to ask you how she was.

  9. (I'm late but...)Happy Birthday you guys! I'm so happy to hear that Holly is doing okay! :D