Sunday, August 25, 2013

It started!

The dogs of Blogville contest started!  This year the contest will benefit Benny, who is fighting cancer.    We want to thank Jodie of Heart Like A Dog and Julie of the Daily Dog Blog for organizing and hosting this fun contest!  Here is how it works:

About the voting process.  Voting opens today at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard time (NYC) it is limited to one IP ADDRESS per 24 hour period.   For those of you with multi-computer households it is important to remember that any smart phone, tablet, computer that shares a network also shares an IP address.  If you vote on your computer then try and vote on your phone, chances are it won’t work, unless you disconnect from your network. If someone tells you they tried to vote and they can’t, then that is probably the issue.
The voting tool is AFTER the photos, all you do is scroll down to the little circle next to Ryder's name and click it.   The move down to the button that says VOTE and click that.  Here is the link: