Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Scarlett!

Today is Scarlett’s day!  She is the youngest collie in our family, and another smooth girl. (poor Ryder!)  Scarlett turned one on May 1st.  She was born from an all smooth litter, and she was the only girl. 


Even though she is the youngest, Scarlett seems to think she is in charge.  She bosses the other collies around, and steals their cow hooves from them.  And some how, even though she is the baby, she gets away with it.  Of course we stop her when we catch her doing it, but the other collies sit back and let her do it.  She also has a talent for stealing things she shouldn’t have.  I’ve lost count of the times I have seen her happily trotting past my bedroom door, carrying away some stolen item to her dog bed!  She has such a bounce in her step when she is filching our belongings, I always have to laugh.  Kori was also known to be a thief, but now that she is almost two years old, she has stopped most of her petty larceny, and I am hoping that Scarlett will also mend her ways!  She and Kori are best friends, and I have seen her learn new things by watching her big sister, so maybe she will follow Kori’s example.


Scarlett isn’t always naughty though.  She wakes up each morning full of joy and greets me as if we have been apart for weeks, instead of just asleep for a few hours.  When we are out on a walk, running errands, or at a dog show, she greets every person she meets as if they are her long lost friends.  When she sees someone approaching her, she begins bouncing side to side, and she wags her whole butt, not just her tail.  Because of her effusive greeting, people are already smiling and laughing before they even reach her. 


Sisters are awesome!

At home, after she is tired from playing, she loves to snuggle.  All the other collies will cuddle with us, but not each other.  But for some reason, they all allow Scarlett to snuggle with them.  She prefers to curl up with my daughter and I, or Kori, but I have also seen her with the others.


Both of Scarlett’s collie parents have very laid back personalities, and Scarlett is very different from them.  But she does have their friendly demeanor, and their good looks.  We have high hopes her future as a show dog.  With very little training, she already steps into the show ring like a veteran.  So there is one place that she is all business!


No matter what happens, Scarlett brings a lot of joy and excitement into our lives.  She makes us laugh, and as made her own special place in our family.

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  1. She's beautiful and the way you describe her reminds me of Delilah. She will filch stuff she knows she shouldn't too. And she always greets me happy and excited to see me. Their joy is immense and one can't help but react to that.

  2. Oh, she is so beautiful!! Thank you for joining the hop and seeing beautiful with us!

    Happy seeing beautiful.
    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  3. Sweet Scarlet, I loved reading about your first year here now and again. I love how you have a secret fun side. WE could have so much fun. Happy Late Birthday gorgeous

  4. She's a real beauty and seems like she's got a lot of personality!

  5. hi scarlett, nice to meet ya! i followed you from the blog hop. your baby picture is adorable.
    have a great weekend!
    wags, bailey {bailey unleashed}

  6. scarlett is beautiful she is like maggie when it comes to ALWAYs stealing all MY stuff!!!
    stella rose