Friday, June 7, 2013

Follow-up Friday!

We decided to join Heart Like A Dog, in her Follow-up Friday hop.  Since Blogger does not notify anyone when they receive a response to a comment, we thought this would be a great way to respond to everyone’s comments.


The OP Pack said "Kori may have a bit of sled dog in there, wanting to be the lead dog."  It's funny that you said that, as some of my daughter's friends gave Kori the nickname "Sled dog!"  lol  And Ryder has perfected the "head tilt," and uses it shamelessly to melt my heart!

Miley said "Good luck at the show."   Thank you, we are going to need it!  It started raining here yesterday, and it's supposed to continue until tomorrow afternoon!  The dog show is outside, so it is going to be very wet and muddy!  That won't keep us home though, the "show" must go on! lol

Key West Collies said "that keep away game must have been quite a sight."  It was, and my daughter was embarrassed too.  But fortunately Kori has given up stealing bras, and is trying to turn over a new leaf!  She swears she is reformed!  :)

Cowspotdogs said "Ryder is without a doubt our favorite"  Many people feel the same way, when they look at him, they are often reminded of their own beloved childhood collie, and they just have to say hello to him.  (fortunately, he LOVES the attention)  And Kori is very sweet, and has an expression that just melts my heart when I look at her. :)

Ann - It wasn't funny at the time, but I laugh whenever I think of it too!  It's one of those memories that you will never forget! lol

24 Paws - She is a great mixture of independence and devotion.  She reminds me of one of your pack members! :)

Stellaroselong said "Ryder is so handsome, no wonder Maggie wanted to go to the dance with him...he has the kindest eyes."  Thank you for saying that!  He is a gentle, sweetheart, and I think once he is a little older, we may try visiting the residents of our local nursing home.  I know you love your three pugs as deeply as we love our collies.  I think Maggie and Ryder would be great friends if they could meet in real life!

Sam said "We think your collies are absolutely beautiful. We'd make room in our pack for a dog like Ryder too."  Thank you so much!  You know I feel the same about you and your family.  You are a very special dog, with an indomitable spirit!

Finnhoward - Thank you, we love visiting the Lighthouse park!  Unfortunately, dogs can't visit from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  So we will have to wait until the Fall to go back for another visit.

Jodi said "I wonder how you keep his coat so nice, does it require a lot of work on your part?  What is the maintenance difference in the coats between the rough or smooth?"
thank you!  Ryder's coat really only requires one good brushing a week.  People tend to shy away from getting a collie, thinking the coat will be a lot of work, but it really isn't bad.  Most collies dislike getting dirty, and they don't really enjoy getting wet, so they don't need a lot of baths to keep their coats clean.  Collies shed once a year, and the roughs shed in clumps and the smooths shed like a German Shepherd or Labrador.

GizmoGeodog said "The photo of you and him on the cliff looking out at the sea is one my favorites."  Thank you so much!  That is actually my daughter with Ryder, I took the picture.  I think it shows how bonded he is to us, and also what good company a collie can be...  And also, thanks again for hosting the Parkday, it was SO much fun!

Caren - thank you!  I can't imagine our lives without this boy!

McKinkle said "My hubby owned a tricolor rough, quite similar in appearance and character by the sound of it, so I know he will also enjoy reading Ryder's story."
Did he like it?  Do you think you will ever get a collie?  I love the rough tricolors, they are quite stunning. :)

Murray's Mouth - thank you!  I think you can tell, collies have a special place in my heart!  But I am a dog lover at heart, and every dog I meet brings an immediate smile to my face.  It's one of the reasons I was so happy to find your blog and all the others.  I love reading about everyone's beloved dogs, and cats too!

Kat - thank you!  Right now he is out of coat, and we are hoping to start entering  him in dog shows when he gets his thick, Winter coat. :)  I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog!  You chose a great name!

Amy said "She's lovely in her Prom dress...Maybe Mom needs to remember who's the royalty around there."
Thank you, she had a wonderful weekend, and was sad when her Prom weekend ended.  And never fear, the collies remind me all the time that they deserve to be spoiled as much as possible!  lol

Acd6pack said "We don't like work days either and especially don't like 12 hour shifts."
My guys are fortunate, because someone is usually home with them throughout the day.  Even when I am working both jobs.  I work long days, but the trade off, is that I get three days off to spend with the collies.  But I miss having a job where I can take my dog(s) to work with me.  When I ran a boarding kennel, I was allowed to bring my dog, Mojo, with me.  It was so nice, for both her and me.

Agnes - I think you and I are of a similar mindset...everything is more fun when your dogs are with you! :)

Kim at Golden Pines - Thank you!  And I am so happy to have discovered your wonderful blog!

Bongo - The collies all agree, your idea is perfect!  If we sneak in the car and hide, she will HAVE to take us with her!  Of course, hiding that many collies may prove challenging...

Peacefuldog - Ryder is in complete agreement - he believes he would make the perfect prom date!  But sadly, no one has asked him yet. :( 

Wow - I think that's everyone!  If I missed you, I'm sorry, this is our first attempt!


  1. Hey I like that...thank you for answering my comment.
    stella rose

  2. Love it. It is really nice to see questions answered and comments responded to! Have a great weekend!

  3. Your pups are so beautiful! Amazed you only have to brush Ryder once/week. That's great.

    Now I must go find the post with the bra-keep-away scene!

    Glad you could join the FUF hop!

  4. that was very cool - what a good way to get back to everyone :)

  5. Hi Y'all!

    Great follow up! So glad you found out how neat this follow up Friday hop is!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. We rarely go back to read replies to our comments, just don't have the time. So this is very nice to see. Thanks for doing it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Thanks for joining the blog hop, so excited you choose to join this week!

    Wow, that was some follow-up. I admit sometimes I forget to go back to a blog to check and see if there is a response to my comment and then there are other times when I say,....hmmmm...I know I asked a question somewhere but I can't remember which blog!

    I brush my dogs every day, but that is because we walk so brushing a dog wouldn't bother me. :-0

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  8. StellaRose has impeccable taste :) Have a wonderful weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Bowsers, you sure answered a lot of questions.

    Essex & Sherman

  10. I am still catching up from last week. :) Sounds like you sure had a lot going on. I hope the show went well. With Chessies we always like when it rains for an outside show. The coats just pop. But I know other breeds aren't as excited as we are for