Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo found us!

We live in CT, and the area where we live was one of the areas that were hardest hit by the blizzard Nemo.  The snow, which comes up to my waist, was so deep I couldn't get the back door open.  I ended up taking the glass out of my screen door, so I could shovel through the door, and I was finally able to get enough snow away to get the door open.

With four collies who had to go outside, I shoveled a pathway and a small area for them to go to the bathroom.  But so far, only Abby has figured out that it is her only option as far as "outdoor plumbing."  The others stand there and cry, I think they expect me to shovel the entire backyard for them!

Our mayor has declared a state of emergency for our town, and has asked the National Guard to come help clear the roads.  There is a ban until midnight tonight on driving, not that I could drive, my road hasn't been plowed even once yet!  As  you can see above, the road which should be in front of my car, is completely hidden!

Holly is wondering where all this snow came from?

The snow is higher than the collies!

Kori doesn't like this one bit!
Holly - "Ummm Mom, we need more room!"

"You have to be kidding!"

What's a collie to do?

Is there something on my nose?

"How long before it melts?"

Snowy Ryder

Abby to Ryder - "Would you give a lady some room?!?"

Some may have noticed that Scarlett is missing.  She is at a hotel with my daughter.  This weekend there are four collie specialty shows being held.  So they are hanging out at the hotel, with friends.  This is Scarlett's first dog show weekend, and I'm stuck at home! 

Edit to add:

Ryder finally got so tired of it, he braved the deep snow. He made his own trail, with sister Kori following behind him. Then Abby and Holly joined them. They found a snow fort, under the tree/bush! They are finally having fun !
"Come on Kori, this way!"

"Ok Ryder, I'm coming!"

"You are taking too long!"

"I'll show you!"


"Let's play Follow The Leader"

"Quick pose - Mom's taking pictures!"

Snow fort!

"I'm not sure about this..."

"There is a lot of snow above me and my paws are getting cold!"

"No one can see me in here!"

"Only collies allowed!"


  1. you've done more digging out than I have...I dread trying to shovel out my car. good thing it's Saturday or you KNOW they'd expect us to get to work today! Elaine

  2. Oh my you got WHAMMED!!! We are in Michigan and only got 6 inches. Dakota hates the snow too. I don't know how you were able to shovel even that much! Please be safe!

  3. Wow - you got lots and lots of snow! Kori looks so cute walking around with that drop of snow, Hiker does that too.

    Stay warm and try to enjoy the this it for you now? We're not expecting any more.

    Good luck to Scarlett!

  4. Awww.. what a sin! My canine contingent would be equally offended by such a situation!

  5. Wow, we've hardly had any snow this girlz love to do puppy zoomies in it. Good luck shoveling your way out--stay safe and keep warm. :)

  6. It looks like they were having fun anyway - but it is tough to go outside to do some business when there is no where to go :)

  7. Wow you guys have alot of snow. But we agree, bigger poop and pee area required.

  8. I've just hopped over on the blog hop. Wow i don't think I've ever seen so much snow.


  9. Those are some pawsome pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

    Essex & Sherman

  10. So much fun! I love all the Collie Trails through the deep snow, and that fort is incredible! Have a great weekend, enjoy all that snow for us too!

    ps. Your banner photo makes me smile out loud every time I stop by for a visit :-)

  11. Wow, great photo's but take care and keep safe xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. I hope you've been plowed out by now!! The worse part of the whole thing was trying to find places for the dogs to potty. LOL

    I mean we have big dogs but what did the people with small ones do?

  13. Don't know what happened to that last comment!

    I hope you've been plowed out by now! The hardest part (for me) with all this snow was keeping a place for the pups to potty. We have big dogs and that was hard enough, I feel bad for the people with small dogs.

  14. Good luck to Scarlett and your daughter!!

    HOW MUCH SNOW, erm Collies could you please let me borrow somes of that? Thankyou. Your snow fort looks awesome!!
    Love Milo :)

    Pees- I bets it's so cold going to the bathroom BOL!!!

  15. Nemo found us too!! Looks like you're all making the most of it!

  16. Looks like a lot of work, but what fun too!! The Collies look like they are having a wonderful time!

  17. Stay warm guys!

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. Just saw your addition about the snow fort - my pack did the same thing, but not with as much snow but loved it!