Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More snow is coming!

We ended up with a record breaking 34 inches of snow.  And our street was finally plowed yesterday evening, just in time for us to shovel out our driveways and get into work today! 

While I am happy to get out, the collies were enjoying all the extra time I was able to spend with them. 

What do you mean, "you have to go back to work?"  Stay home and play with us!

Scarlett was attending her first dog show this weekend with my daughter.  Since it was fours shows, all held at the hotel, they stayed there during the storm.  What a weekend!  And now they are predicting we may get hit with another huge snow storm this coming weekend - I really hope they are wrong!

I don't really see where we can put any more snow!


  1. We heard that also...holey moley...did you see the picture of mag, kirby and ryder...its really good isn't it!
    stella rose

  2. another storm this weekend? for your sake I soooo hope that that isn't true!

  3. I think it is heading your way - it is cold cold down here in the south and it was our last storm that caused yours :)

  4. More snow? That's just crazy. Grab your work from the office and work from home next week. That's just crazy.

  5. Boy, did you get hit!! I can't believe how high that snow is. And your poor dogs...bol! And I thought we had a lot with a foot and a half.

    Glad you got shoveled out. Sorry you have to go back to work. :( I'm sure the collies loved having you home for a snow day!

  6. Good luck Scarlet :) Wow what fun, playing in all that snow :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. MORE snow?! Yikes! It'll be fun for the dogs though!