Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frustrated by a lack of info...

As discussed earlier, all the best blood lines of Great Britain’s collies were imported to America around the turn of the century.  All of the various sire lines in England were descended from Trefoil.  The two main sire lines were formed by his Great-Great-Grandson, Ch Christopher.  The pedigrees of all American collies trace back to Ch Christopher, which I have proven with my own collies.  There isn’t a lot of information to be gathered about Ch Christopher.  The first of the two main lines was started with his son, Ch Stracathro Ralph, and the second with Edgbaston Marvel.  From the Stracathro line, after 12 generations, Ch Magnet was born.  From the Edgbaston line, after 8 generations, Ch Laund Limit was born.

My family of collies comes from both of these lines, as both Ch Magnet and Ch Laund Limit are in our collies pedigrees.  On paper we can learn when these collies were born, we can learn about their get, but what we cannot discover is what they were like.  And since I have successfully traced my collies back to Ch Christopher, and Christopher was Trefoil's Great-great-Grandson, I have traced my collies back to Trefoil! But knowing that these collies are my own collies ancestors, I want to know more about them.  Was Ch Christopher a sweet boy?  What did he enjoy doing?  Did he herd sheep?  Or did he spend most of his days as someone’s beloved companion?  I wish there was more information about these historical collies.

As you can tell, I am passionate about collies.  My house is almost a shrine to the collie breed.  My bookshelves are full of books about collies, books that are both fictional and nonfiction.  The internet provides a great resource for meeting and learning about other collie breeders and their beloved collies.  But I still want to know more...

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