Friday, September 8, 2023

Happy World Literacy Day!

We just learned, thanks to our friends at the Five Sibes, that today is World Literacy Day! Since I am an avid reader, a book-a-holic, a bookworm, a bibliophile….I had to quickly write a post in celebration for book lovers everywhere! As I didn’t have anything planned ahead of time, this will be short post. If you’ve read some of my past posts about Terhune, you know what his books mean to me. (Click here to read more)  Books and reading, along with writing stories, are a passion of mine.  I hope, through World Literacy Day, more children and adults can discover the magic contained within the pages of books!

Since this is a collie blog, and since I am a long time Terhune fan, I wanted to share the news that his book, Lad: A Dog, is available for free on Amazon kindle.  You can get your copy here!  Happy Reading!

***Also, if you want to see a carefully preserved clip of Terhune and his collies at Sunnybank, please watch this video.


  1. It is a day to remember! I come from a long line of librarians - My Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, and 2 cousins. And like you, I am an avid reader, I just wish I had more time.
    But I first read this book as a kid, and often re-read it growing up. A couple of years ago, I found an old copy at a thrift store and of course I bought it, and read it again. Even after all these years, the story of Lad, his bravery and self-sacrifice (still) brought tears to my eyes. I love this book.

  2. Lulu: "Our Dada says he vaguely remembers a fictional collie that he thought was named 'Laddie' from his much younger days ... Maybe that was this one and he was just conflating him with Lassie!"