Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It's alright to be Itty Bitty

 Puppies are such a joy, but they grow up so quickly. I wish they stayed little, just a little longer.  Watching them change almost daily, and watching their personalities develop, keeps me glued to their sides.  I can't help studying their sweet, tiny faces and dreaming about their futures.  One of my favorite moments is when the puppies open their eyes.  These puppies opened their eyes right on schedule, at 13 days old.

Here they are at 16 days old, they are starting to look less like hamsters and more like tiny puppies.  They also started playing and barking, their first attempts at barking is absolutely adorable!

Colton, the only boy

Addison, smooth girl

Little Melody, the tiny rough girl

Bridget, smooth girl

Peyton, the tiny smooth girl

I just fall completely in love with every puppy in my litters, and freely admit to becoming obsessed.  They are so sweet, helpless and perfect that I rarely leave their side.