Saturday, November 7, 2020

The world has certainly changed...

So much has happened in our lives, and the lives of our collies.  It will take multiple posts to catch up!  I'll start with Sorsha, a collie we bought from another breeder.  After losing first Holly, then Abby and then our entire dream litter of seven puppies, my daughter and I were feeling pretty low.  Also during this time her then fiance was deployed, so she was facing a year long separation.  We made the decision to buy a puppy from a well known collie breeder, who we had long admired.

She was a tiny puppy, the runt of her litter, but she had the biggest personality.   She was the one my daughter chose, as she was the only tricolor, and she reminded us of our Holly.  She is now 18 months old, smart as a whip, and my daughter's constant companion.  

Sorsha, Autumn 2019

We missed celebrating our favorite season with all of you!  So here are some of our Autumn 2019 pictures...

Ryder, Autumn 2019

Ryder 2019

Kori and Scarlett, Autumn 2019

Scarlett, 2019

Ryder, Autumn 2019

Thinking back to those months, before we knew about COVID and how else 2020 would mess up our lives, it makes me miss those less tumultuous times!  But the world has changed, now we wear masks, and now fear hugging our loved ones.  The one thing that helps me get through it all is the unwavering love and devotion from my collies.  And the collies are definitely loving that I have to work from home, I think the dogs may stage a protest when we all have to go back to work outside the home. 


  1. What gorgeous autumn photos of your beloved Collies!

  2. Sorcha is a beauty and we love seeing all the pictures from last fall too.