Monday, September 4, 2017

What is the best cat food for finicky cats?

Every month our awesome friends at send us a pet product to review.  Usually, we pick something for the collies, but this month the kitties were sent something to review.  Everyone knows that felines can be a bit finicky discriminating, so finding something that the kitties all enjoy can sometimes be a challenge.

Chewy sent the kitties Wellness Core Simply Shreds, in the chicken variety.  It is a wet food topper, that actually makes your cat's dry food much more appetizing, so cats who aren't happy with a dry kibble diet are more excited by mealtime.

The Wellness Core Simply Shreds contains just three ingredients, chicken, chicken broth and water.  I love seeing dog and cat foods that contain limited ingredients, as less is often more!  Less ingredients, means less fillers, and more protein.  Plus, with broth and water as two of the three ingredients, we are actually helping our cats stay better hydrated!  Since we have one cat who has had urinary blockages, we are always concerned with his water consumption, as the more water he drinks the less risk of future blockages.  This food topper may actually help him stay healthy, and that makes me very happy!

Check out the Key Benefits:

  • Provides a boost of pure protein and hydration with just three ingredients—lean chicken, chicken broth, and water.
  • Lean protein helps maintain healthy muscle mass while chicken broth helps keep your kitty hydrated and supports urinary health.
  • Unadulterated, low calorie protein source with no fillers, grains, or starches, so it helps support a diet similar to that of your kitty’s primal ancestors.
  • Convenient tear-away pouch makes it easy to top dry food or wet food, or give as a side dish or high-protein snack.
  • Proudly made in the USA with no grain, meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

We added the Toppers to our cats' dry kibble, and they loved it.  The smell must have been highly appetizing to them, as I barely kept them back long enough to get a picture.  I also appreciated that unlike some stinky cat foods, this food reminded me of chicken soup.  This is a cat food topper that I highly recommend, and one that I will be ordering more of in the future.  You can order some for your cats by clicking right HERE.  The Wellness Core Simply Shreds also comes in Beef, tuna, shrimp, salmon and mackerel varieties.

We were sent this product for free, for our honest opinion.  We were not compensated for our review.


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