Friday, July 14, 2017

The Honest Kitchen dog food is honestly good!

In our quest to provide our dogs with the healthiest food and treats available we discovered a company called The Honest Kitchen.  So I did a little research, and I learned that the Honest Kitchen is a family owned company that makes healthy pet food from minimally processed, human grade ingredients.  Their food was actually the first pet food to be verified by the FDA as human grade.  They were one of the first companies to begin making a pet food with 100% human food grade ingredients in a human food production facility. (not in a pet food plant) They produce dehydrated, raw pet food, using only the best ingredients because they love pets too.

  • Their chicken, turkey and duck varieties are sourced from free-range, humanely raised animals. Their beef comes from grass fed animals finished on grains. Their fish varieties are wild, line caught.
  • All of their ingredients are sourced from the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Egypt and Iceland. (no ingredients from China)
  • The Honest Kitchen tests their products for Yeast/Mold, Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, pH and Protein/Fat. They test for heavy metals twice a year, and they test for ethoxyquin, melamine, and fluoride once a year.

The Honest Kitchen Cat Food is available in Turkey and Chicken varieties. And their Dog Food is available in Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Duck varieties.  We decided to review their Grain free beef recipe, but we were so impressed, we later went on to try their duck variety too.

Being a label reader, I immediately went to the ingredient list, and I was not disappointed by what I found.  (or didn't find)

All ingredients dehydrated: Beef, sweet potatoes, potatoes, organic flaxseed, organic coconut, parsley, chard, papaya, cranberries, pumpkin, honey, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, EPA/DHA, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate.

All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives. All meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

I was very impressed, not only was this a pet food that was human grade, it contained no GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or preservatives.  There are few human foods that can make those claims.

And if all of this wasn't enough to impress me, the lower carbohydrates in these dehydrated raw foods help our dogs maintain a healthy weight.  And by feeding a high quality dog food your dogs will have a healthier coat and better digestion.

The food is more expensive than many commercial pet foods, but you can cut back on your pet's kibble and add The Honest Kitchen variety of your choice, which will help improve the quality of the nutrition they are receiving.  While reviewing their products on their website, I found out they actually make a specific line of food for adding to the kibble of your choice, it's called Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers!  They are limited ingredient toppers that add flavor and nutrition to any dog food.

I really like this company, and their products.  I checked the top dog food review websites, and they all give The Honest Kitchen their highest rating.  It's so easy to make, all you have to do is measure out the amount you need, add warm water, stir and wait 3 minutes!  We will definitely be adding the Honest Kitchen dog foods to our collies' diets, as we want the best for them.  If you are looking for a high quality dog or cat food, we recommend giving the Honest Kitchen a try, your dogs and cats will thank you!


  1. Wow you certainly did your research! We're all on a raw meat and vegetables diet and have been since we were puppies but we're interested in this brand as we generally keep a quantity of "dry" high quality food for emergencies like a possible earthquake. So thanks to your peeps for helping us find a quality product.

  2. I reviewed Honest Kitchen food a few years ago and I even tasted it myself. It actually was pretty good.

    Unfortunately, Honey doesn't like the texture. I don't know why.

  3. Will definitely try this product!

  4. I loves this company!!! They make the bestest stuffs! I tried their toppers too, and I loooooved them! Thou, me being the REBEL that I am, I likes them dry! Ma doesn't worry abouts the water thingie, cause I gots looooots of slobbers to wet them up! BOL!! Great review guys!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Oh Ma wanted to let you knows that she didn't gets any of the Chewy gift box eithers, so don't feel left out! ☺

  5. This sounds like awesome food! Thank you for telling us about it We'll definitely be checking out their products!

  6. I've heard great things about this company. I'm so glad that you love the food! Shyla can't eat rosemary (it lowers the seizure threshold) but it looks theirs is one of the few foods without rosemary! Thanks for bringing them back to our attention!

  7. Great review! We might need to check it out!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I've heard great things about this. Sounds like a good, healthy dog food. What lucky pups you have!

  9. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up.

  10. Thank you for providing information about the Healthy foods for pets
    . This is an amazing pet food option for all pet Lovers. Keep it up!