Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tate does his first review

Somepup loves his new toy from!  We were sent a Busy Buddy Puppy Twist 'n Treat Toy to review.

This toy can be filled with treats or kibble.  As the dog or puppy plays with the toy, it dispenses a couple treats at a time.  Since Tate is just 6 weeks old, we used his puppy kibble, as he is too little for dog treats. The Busy Buddy was small, and though it comes in other sizes, because it's rated for soft chew strength, we think it would be best for puppies or small dogs only.

What we like about this toy is that it not only keeps an active puppy busy, it helps to develop a puppy's problem solving skills.  When we asked him what he thought, Tate gave it four puppy paws up!  With Christmas right around the corner, this would make a nice gift for your small dog or puppy.  Thank you Chewy for sending us the Busy Buddy to review!

Chewy also sent us the  KONG Triangle Play Mat for Pumpkin and Ghost to review.  We loved how pretty it is, but it is very small.  That didn't stop Ghost and Pumpkin from squeezing inside, but it was a bit of a tight fit.  Ghost being an adolescent male is thin and lanky, and Pumpkin is on the petite side for an adult female cat, so they made it work.   But I don't think chunky "larger boned" felines will fit inside the play mat.

But on the positive side, the cats do love it, and we catch Ghost napping inside it all the time.  And they enjoy swatting the cute dangling mouse.  So this would be a great gift for smaller cats and kittens.  Thank you Chewy for sending the Kong Triangle Play Mat.  I'm sure there will be some happy cats on Christmas morning if this is under the tree!


  1. We have a big one of those. Dad puts treats in it and we nose it around.

  2. Very good!! We love that Chewy
    Lily & Edward

  3. Tate is adorable! and I approve of the name having lost my own "Tate" a year ago its nice to see another collie carrying the name :)
    Whats also funny is I had a Storm Ryder as a registered name on the collie just before I got Tate!

  4. That was a great review Tate!! We are also real big fans!!

    We are having Mama email you tonight about the gift exchange...sorry it has taken her so long, it is soooo hard to find good help nowadays!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo