Tuesday, September 8, 2015


No matter how careful you try to be when choosing your words, someone, somewhere will take offense.  We try to keep our posts interesting, and we try to only comment on other bloggers' posts with either humor or kindness.  But sometimes people just don't like you, or don't like what you have to say.  You can't please everyone.

So here is a cute picture, there can't be anything offensive in this?

But seriously, as Bloggers, do you censor your posts/ideas so that you can keep your readers happy?


  1. I did when I first started blogging, but by now The Offended Ones who look for offenses where none were meant have given up,

  2. The Internet can be a great place to meet and greet others with your interests. However, sadly, it has also turned into a place for people to mindlessly vent.

    You can't please everyone, so don't try. I love reading your posts. Don't try to silence yourself to avoid offending others.

    This is one of the reasons I have comment approval. For the most part people will post questions, opposing views, or other thoughts that I may not agree with on my various blogs and as long as they are respectful, I'll post them.

    However, when people are trolls I just delete and move on. Let them vent some place else.

  3. As Bailey said you can't please everyone. This is your space ... post what you like. I, personally, enjoy everything you post about and certainly love seeing the Collies.

  4. There are trolls everywhere. I pretty much just write what I like and don't worry about others. That said, I always try to keep my posts light-hearted. I review a lot of books and things and sometimes I don't like what I read and I say it in my posts, but I try to do it in as nice a way as possible.

  5. Although mom says HBO words we don't put them in the blog. So yes, I guess we do are right, someone somewhere will take offense.
    Lily & Edward

  6. Funny you asked that question. I just censored something on my cat blog last week. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
    Sometimes I figure I am already black-listed and the black sheep of the blogging community and when I feel like that, I figure WTF.
    Just keep on keepin' on!

  7. ah we just wanna hug and hug that little baby. time my momma had a problem wif this lady correcting our grammar all the time to the point of sending mom private emails about it etc. etc...we finally changed to comment approval. It is hard to please everyone, we try to keep our post kind and honest also.
    stella rose

  8. That is a seriously adorable picture!

    Okay to answer you, I do sensor my posts so that they are family friendly. I will occasionally use a swear word if I'm really mad but even then it's a mild one. When I offer training tips, they are all based in my positive reinforcement ethos and I just made a policy about deleting argumentative comments that disagree with PR. So basically, if I post a training tip and someone comes along and posts a comment recommending an aversive training tool, that comment will be deleted. I no longer waste my time trying to argue with people in that respect.

    I try to keep everything very friendly and so far I've only managed to make one person mad. So I think I'm doing okay! :D

  9. I don't blog for my readers. I blog to record some of the events in my life. I don't often blog about my opinions on things. I hope that nothing I've written offends anyone; it's not intended to, although they might disagree.

  10. Of course there's nothing offensive with that cute pic!
    And yup, we can't please everyone. A good reader will never use negativity towards your post/idea, even when they might not like it. Some may keep silent, some may comment politely, and some may be disrespectful or trolls. We can't keep everyone happy, so why try too hard to go against it? Let's just keep it that way, in fact that's what makes the world goes round. I think. Hehe

  11. I'm pretty careful what I share on my Facebook page. I find that most people have no problem 'schooling me' in how my beliefs are wrong, so I basically stopped putting them out there.

    Because of what I write about, I rarely hit upon anything controversial but there have been a couple of times where I've had to 'explain' myself because it was (apparently) not clear.

    Sometimes when I post something on FB that people disagree with, I just ignore there comments, but I tend to be super sensitive and it will eat at me, so It's easier for just to not post it and keep my views private.

  12. Go look at our blog ryder.....Maggie mae

  13. I write for myself. If other people enjoy reading the posts, so much the better. Learned a long time ago, you can't please everyone, so you just as well please yourself.