Monday, July 27, 2015

Summertime and the days are long...

Have you ever noticed that the more stressful your life becomes, the busier and more chaotic, the more you need to plan quiet getaways? I know for me, the easiest way to find a place to relax, is to plan an outing my dog will enjoy. I have noticed that left to my own devices, my vactions center around fitting in as much activity as possible.  I think it is habit, in my work and day to day life I rush from one thing to the next, so I do the same thing with my vacations.

I am on day three of my current vacation, and this time I am following my dogs' lead. So far we have taken long drives and longer walks, and we have stopped to smell the flowers and taste the sweetness that life has to offer.

Long walks can lead to unexpected beauty...

And peaceful gardens...

Scarlett reminded us to stop for a sweet treat...


Long drives lead to peaceful farms....

Full of Sunflowers!

Ryder loved this gorgeous spot!

So did Kori!

Do you have any summer vacation plans?  Do they include your pets?


  1. What a beautiful place for a holiday :) The flowers are beautiful :) Milo & Jet

  2. You guys sure know how to pose for the pawparazzi
    Lily & Edward

  3. Pawsome sun flower pawtographs. All the pups look pawsome too.

    Enjoy the long warm summer days.


  4. Beautiful photographs!! I love all the sunflowers. Dogs are excellent at reminding us to enjoy everyday and to take time to relax.

  5. Sunflowers, a beautiful day, a long meandering drive, ice cream and collies. Does anything get better than that?

  6. Such pretty pictures of a pretty place. Yes we learned a lot about relaxing the first time we took Toby camping with us. Before, we tried to hike as many miles as possible every single day. Toby was only 6 months old and the vet thought his max distance would be 6 miles, with lots of rests. It made the whole experience so amazing as we went slowly and took a long lunch with our books so Toby could nap. So I couldn't agree more about how much our pets can teach us about enjoying vacations.