Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pictures from a colliefull weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Ryder and Kori's 3rd birthday!  We took a ride to the local dog park, for some play time with friends. 

 photo park5_zps5aadfce5.jpg
Ryder - King of the mountain!

 photo park1_zps2e259883.jpg
Who's under my mountain?

 photo photo6_zps35777d16.jpg

 photo photo2_zps2670e638.jpg
Tag!  You're it!

Then we went for a short hike, and stopped for pictures by our favorite lake!

 photo P1013813_zps0a991c44.jpg

 photo P1013855_zps97caf15f.jpg
Abby, celebrating her kids' birthday!

 photo P1013812_zpsde1c5886.jpg
We had trouble picking which one was our favorite Ryder picture! lol

 photo P1013836_zpsc8503f83.jpg
Scarlett can strike a pretty pose too!

And then we went swimming!  (Well, the smooth girls did, Ryder didn't want to get his fur wet this time. BOL!)

 photo P1013859_zps1e35690a.jpg
Abby, jumped right in - I think they were all hot from running around the park!

 photo P1013849_zps09ec987b.jpg
Holly, showing that even though she is the senior collie, she is the best swimmer!

 photo P1013851_zps1d7ce89a.jpg

Then we went back home, and had a cake, that our family bought, just for us!

 photo P1013867_zps50912719.jpg
Make a wish!

And we even got an email from our brother Luke, wishing us a happy birthday, and telling us all about this past year with this family!  What a pawsome day!

 photo IMG_18461_zps3b975046.jpg
Little Luke - not so little anymore!


  1. Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a great celebration.

  2. Awe! They are so cute! It looks they had an awesome birthday weekend! :D

  3. What a fun day. Celebrating with friends is always fun. Hope you had a wonderful birthday
    Lily & Edward

  4. We cannot pick which one is more beautiful either, we just cannot. Happy Happy Birthday friends.
    stella rose

  5. Ryder is such a handsome boy - just love his face

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  7. beautiful doggies, I`m sure it was a happy birthday!Phyllis