Friday, July 18, 2014

The Naming of a best friend!

The relationship between dogs and their humans has greatly changed over the last century.  Dogs are now, more than ever before, considered a part of the family.  People cater to their dogs, spending thousands of dollars on products that are designed to make dogs happy and healthy.  With gourmet dog treats, orthopedic dog beds, and toy boxes full of toy dog toys, our dogs have it made.  When working long hours at the office, some people will even drop off their dogs at a doggie daycare center, so their dogs can spend the day happily playing with their friends.

(Kori does not regularly attend doggie daycare, my daughter works at one, and brings Kori to work with her.  Which Kori loves, as you can see by the videos.) 

And with their elevated status, dogs are now given very different monikers.  While we are sure you can still find the occasional Spot, Fluffy, Rover, Buffy, Fido or Champ, people are giving their pets more personal and unique names.  This is a list of the top dog names, is your dog's name on the list?

 1) Max and Bella
2) Charlie and Daisy
3) Jack and Molly
4) Buddy and Lucy
5) Jake and Sadie
6) Tucker and Maggie
7) Duke and Bailey
8) Toby and Chloe
9) Bear and Sophie
10) Oscar and Lola
11) Dexter and Luna
12) Thor and Layla
13) Gunner and Piper
14) Bently and Nala
15) Jax and Stella

So we are curious, what is the most unusual dog name you have heard?  What was the cutest?  What is the most extravagant item you have purchased for your dog? (or your cat?)


  1. We wrote a post a while back about Bailey and Katy's name. Bailey was named when we got him and we kept it even though it leads to questions about his gender at times. Katy had a name she wouldn't answer to and the only word she responded to was cookie. Since Bailey had a high response to the word cookie it was decided cookie could not be her name and we kept working on hard "C" name until we found one she responded to and Katy it became.

    The most expensive items are oddly ones that didn't cost us anything. A very sweet older woman gave Bailey this adorable wood padded couch that people always think we spent splurged on. When her dog passed she wanted it to go to a dog that would use it. We have a sheepskin bed that Bailey won that he and Katy share in the living room that again cost us nothing, but having priced them, they aren't cheap.

  2. That's easy - Blueberry! The rescue named her that and I kept it. The good thing about her name is that people remember it and she's the only Blueberry at the vet office too - which is a bonus because they don't get her confused with anyone else!

  3. The most unusual name would have to be "Dam It". Essex was with me back then and I still chuckle when I think of that name.